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 Sky Combat Ace FAQ

Sky Combat Ace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Who Can Fly with Sky Combat?

Virtually anyone who meets basic mental, physical and health requirements can fly. No pilot’s license or prior flying experience is needed. Here are some guidelines to know if you may qualify.

Minimum Age: None – but flyers must be mature enough to understand and follow safety instructions, and meet the minimum 80 lbs (36 kg) weight requirement. (A parent or guardian will be required to sign the required Release of Liability for anyone under 18.)

Weight Restrictions for the Extra 330: You must be between 80 lbs (36 kg) and 265 lbs (120 kg).

Health Restrictions: For safety, you should be in reasonably good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems. Expectant mothers and anyone with motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure should not participate.

Clothing Note: Shoes and socks are required. Athletic shoes or hiking boots are ideal. (No sandals, flip flops or high heels for safety reasons.) Warm jackets are recommended during winter months.

If you have any questions as to your fitness for this experience, you should consult your doctor.


When and where are Sky Combat flight programs available?

Sky Combat Adventures are offered 7 days a week, all year long, at our primary location near Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re based at Henderson Airport, a short drive from the Las Vegas Strip. (Ask us. We may be able to arrange complimentary transportation from your Vegas hotel to the airport.)

Sky Combat Adventures are available Thursdays – Mondays, by appointment only, from our facilities in San Diego and Tahoe. In San Diego, we fly from Gillespie Field and in Tahoe, we fly from Minden-Tahoe Airport. Note that flights at these locations have a higher chance of being negatively impacted by weather than flights from our Vegas location.


What Do You Mean, "You Fly the Plane"?

"You Fly the Plane" is one of our Sky Combat tag lines and it means exactly what it says. YOU fly the plane. Our expert instructor pilots are specially trained to teach others how to do this type of flying. All maneuvers are conducted at twice the minimum FAA required altitude, which means whatever flight condition you may inadvertently get into, we have plenty of altitude to recover from. All of our instructors have gone through a rigorous training program and have seen every kind of unusual attitude and aggravated spin that you can imagine. Our training puts us in situations that are far more severe that anything that can happen on a typical customer mission, because that is how we ensure that SCA retains its excellent safety record.


Will I get video?

Video and photos are available for an additional fee and can be purchased on the day of your scheduled flight. Pricing starts at $50 per person. You’ll be shown samples of the different packages available when you report for your adventure.


Can I take my own camera into the plane?

No. Due to FAA rules and regulations, unapproved cameras are not permitted on any Sky Combat flights. Our cameras and mounts have been tested to withstand the forces of unlimited aerobatics and will capture the action from multiple angles. (No exceptions! Personal cameras can become dangerous projectiles, potentially injuring flyers or damaging the aircraft. You’ll be too busy flying the plane to take photos anyway!)


Can I Log My Flight Time?

All of our fighter pilots and aerobatic instructors are also certified FAA flight instructors and they would be happy to endorse your logbook if you are a pilot.


Can I Bring Friends & Family?

Absolutely! Space is limited though, so we recommend you let us know in advance if you are bringing spectators. Our Las Vegas location features a comfortable guest lounge and in Vegas, we can arrange “spectator” flights for those family members who would like to observe your fun from the sky, but not actively participate in a flying adventure. Ask Incredible Adventures for details.


How Safe Is SCA?

Just like skydiving and other extreme activities, advanced aerobatics, air combat and low level flying comes with an inherent amount of risk that cannot be entirely eliminated without jeopardizing the inherent nature of the experience.  The pilots at Sky Combat Ace do their best to mitigate those risks, but there will always be a risk of accidents due to a variety of factors. All participants must sign a waiver and liability release prior to flying, acknowledging and accepting these risks.

Be assured that safety is the #1 priority for our friends at Sky Combat Ace. The Extra 330 is built of carbon fiber construction, which is 9 times stronger than steel. It has zero prohibited maneuvers, which is a testament to its strength and engineering.

All Sky Combat pilots are certified flight instructors and go through a rigorous training program to qualify to fly thrill seeking customers.  The FAA requires all participants to wear parachutes on aerobatic flights, providing another safety precaution.

SCA operates under a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration, which means that the US government has looked closely at flight safety procedures and, based on our extensive experience, granted us a waiver to Federal Aviation Regulations to perform formation aerobatics and aerial dogfighting.

That said, flying in a high performance aircraft is inherently risky, just as crossing a street can be dangerous. You should know and accept the risks.


What Should I Eat Before My Flight?

Something! Anything! Please! One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they should not eat before a flight. We don’t advise stuffing yourself on the nearest buffet just before your flight, but you should have something in your stomach. You’re much less likely to experience motion sickness if you stick to your normal meal schedule and eat something light before your flying adventure.


Will I Get Airsick?

Possibly, but our pilots do everything in their power to prevent people from getting airsick. All of our profiles use a building block approach, starting with basic maneuvers and working our way up to more advanced profiles. We encourage our customers to communicate their comfort level along the way. We are happy to take a break between maneuvers if necessary, to give stomachs a chance to catch up. We also encourage customers to do as much flying as possible during the flight. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the less likely you are to get sick. If you are susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend taking anti-motion sickness medication one or two hours prior to your flight.

Maybe it’s because we do most of our flights out of Vegas, but we’ve found hangovers to be the most common cause of air sickness. To get the most out of your flying adventure, we recommend getting plenty of sleep the night before your flight and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum.


What are General Payment Terms & Conditions?

Full payment is due at time of reservation and non-refundable, unless otherwise agreed. (Group programs may have different payment terms.)

Sky Combat reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whom is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All participants must sign a Release of Liability and agree to purchase policies.


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