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California Sky Thrills - The Ultimate Thrill Ride

VIDEO: Sky Thrills Aerobatic Flying Adventures VIDEO
Experience the thrill of flying a world-class, aerobatic aircraft. Take the controls of a Pitts S-2C, one of the most incredible aerobatic machines ever built. Learn to loop and roll over the Pacific like a pro. No Experience Required.

California Sky Thrills Aerobatic Flying AdventuresYour experience begins when you suit up in a military flight suit and receive a briefing on the tasks and principles you will need to understand before flying a Pitts and performing aerobatics. You'll then work with our expert aerobatic pilot to create a custom flight plan, choosing which maneuvers you wish to try, from loops and barrel rolls to the parabolic arcs that astronauts use to prepare themselves for flight into space.

Once your flight plan is finalized, it's time to strap into the plane and prepare for an incredible adventures. With high-end digital video cameras rolling and air show smoke trailing, you will be transformed into a modern day aerobatic pilot! Remember... this isn't just a ride. YOU will be on the controls for 80% of the flight. You will be looping, rolling, flying inverted and pulling G’s over the Pacific Ocean with your highly experienced aerobatic instructor pilot coaching you from the back seat.

The Location: We fly out of Fullerton Municipal Airport, Fullerton, CA. We share a hangar with Air Combat USA.

The Plane: Capable of flying at speeds in excess of 200 mph and rolling at 300 degrees per second, the Pitts S-2C is a world-class, aerobatic champion.

California Sky Thrills Aerobatic Flying Adventures Loops and barrel rolls CA Sky Thrills Flying Adventures aerobatic maneuvers

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I get to fly the plane even if I don't have a Pilot's License?

A: Yes, you will get to fly. You don't need a Pilot's License to learn aerobatics. You will be controlling the plane for up to 80% of the time. Your instructor, who will be sitting behind you, will keep you out of trouble while coaching you through every maneuver.

Q: I have never been in a plane before. Will I enjoy this experience?

A: Yes. We know you'll have an amazing time. If you are into roller coasters we can take it up a notch. If you are a bit timid we can tune it down a bit. We specialize in making a novice flyer feel like a pro. Each flight is tailored to your level of desire and comfort.

Q: What is included in a California SkyThrills Adventure and how long does it last?

A: Each flight includes the use of our military flight suit, our kevlar helmet, and a parachute. You'll also receive a complimentary video of your flight. The average time of a complete SkyThrills Experience is around 2-2.5 hours. Your actual time in the air is approximately 45 to -55 minutes.

A: Our most popular flying adventure is $545. A more deluxe program is also available for $665. Add an Air Combat USA adventure for $1395. Please be sure you understand cancellation and refund policies before booking. Thanks!!

Q: Is the instructor pilot an experienced aerobatic pilot?

A: Your instructor pilot, Mike Blackstone, is a highly experienced, professional aerobatic instructor pilot with over 6,500 hours, has taught aerobatics/air combat for more than 16 years, has flown over 3,000 satisfied clients since 1999, and has a passion for flying and teaching second to none.

Q: Are gift certificates available? A: Definitely! Call for details or CLICK HERE. Once purchased this package is non-refundable but is transferable.

Sky Thrills Video with the Pitts S-2C

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