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Production Services for Film, TV & Movies

Incredible Adventures & SpecOps can provide
the production assistance you need

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!

Specops Movie Production Services
Specops Movie Production Services
Myke Hawke on the set with Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie

Are you producing a reality series? Shooting a documentary? Making a feature film, or filming a TV show? If so, let us help. We've got the people, props and experience you need to make your project a success.

Services provided:

Survival Experts - Security Specialists - Medics - Military Advisors
Stunt Drivers - Mountain Climbers - Linguistic Support - Security - Logistics - Bodyguards - Remote Operators - Medical Evacuation - Rescue

  • Our creative department can help develop show concepts.
  • Our logistics department makes shooting in remote locations safe and easy.
  • Procucing and support for action and adventure activities
  • We can provide medical support and security services, in urban or remote locations.
  • Medical supplies and evacuation services
  • Set Security and bodyguards for casts and VIP/executives
  • Let "Hawke" host your reality show. Contact us for Hawke's production bio and demo tape.
Mykel Hawke with Andrew Zimmern on The Travel Channel

Media Support Personnel

SpecOps provides real-world Special Operations combat veterans for the TV and film industry. The Media Division is headed by Mykel Hawke, who has experience in over a dozen shows on screen and over two dozen behind the scenes. We have over a decade of experience working with and in support of the media. We work with television, film, radio, and print media in all aspects of production. Just a few of the networks, production companies, and shows we have worked on are included here.

Our Track Record

SpecOps has worked with high-profile individuals, companies, celebrities, media figures, and production sets all over the world. Our clients include CBS, ABC and BBC.

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