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8-Day Submersible Expedition | Departure: March 14, 2000

Day 1
Enter Canada

Fly to your Canadian Gateway City of Edmonton or Ottawa. Prepare for tomorrow's flight far above the Arctic Circle. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.Plane on the ice

Day 2
Resolute Bay/Ice Station Beechey
Breakfast at our hotel. Fly to Resolute Bay, on the tip of Lancaster Sound. At Resolute, board a chartered Twin Otter plane for a scenic 30-minute flight to Ice Station Beechey, our base of operations set against the backdrop of Beechey Island. Here, we'll live right on the ice in specially-designed expedition trailers. Tonight we gather for a welcome dinner, expedition team introductions and deep-diving briefings.

Day 3 - 5
Submersible Dive Operation to the H.M.S. Breadalbane
We divide into three groups to begin our intensive, hands-on exploration. The groups, made up of four expedition members each, will rotate regularly so that all members experience all the activities.

At Ice Station Beechey, large dome tents have been constructed over two dive holes drilled in the ice. Inside these tents, members of "group one" join their pilots aboard the Aquarius and Dual DeepWorker 350 submersibles and dive into a fascinating undersea world. Tethered from above, the subs descend to the sea floor, where the Breadalbane sits, well preserved through time.

The powerful lights of the subs reveal that two of her masts are still upright, and beautiful orange-colored soft coral have attached themselves to her wooden hull. Just a few feet away, we'll peer inside the hatches to see that she is essentially still intact - the crew left the ship in a hurry, and supplies were literally left standing in place. As our submarine circumnavigates the wreck, we also begin to realize that the place is alive with rare creatures of the deep sea: plankton, bioluminescent comb jellies, swimming snails, sea stars, shrimp, sea anemones, and even ringed seals. Our submarines maneuver nimbly, offering great photographic angles. And with visibility up to 150 feet, we'll take home stunning images of these rare creatures and the famous shipwreck. We will enjoy this incredible deep-diving experience three to four times during the expedition, and on each dive will witness something new. and memorable.

Meanwhile, "group two" is viewing the scene on TV monitors inside the domes, and helping to pilot the ROV (remote operating vehicle) camera, which sends back dramatic images from below. This is the next group to rotate into the submersibles.

"Group three" is enthralled in a number of non-diving activities in this fascinating world of ice and snow. A description of the various activities follows:

Polar Bear Scouting Excursions
Ice Station Beechey is located adjacent to the prime denning area of the kings of the Arctic - polar bears. While our expedition leaders monitor movements of the bears, we'll venture out in snowmobiles to safe scouting distances to witness these fascinating animals in the wild. Viewing them in their natural surroundings makes learning how they survive and prosper in this icy landscape even more fulfilling.

Lectures and briefings
Our marine biologist and historian will lead discussions on the local habitat, marine life, nautical exploration, famous shipwrecks, and the modern-day missions to unlock their mysteries. We'll learn the complete story of the H.M.S. Breadalbane, a wooden supply ship that carried her English crew in search of the famed arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. Franklin's ships, the Erebus and the Terror, were last seen on July 26, 1845, en route to discover the Northwest Passage to the Orient. They were never seen again.

Build an Igloo
Ever wonder how people actually stay warm in an igloo? How they are built and who lives in them? Native Inuits teach us about their culture and the ice structures that have housed them for generations. We'll put our new-found knowledge to the test as we build our own igloo.

Marine Pool
During the days of the expedition, our marine biologist will collect living specimens in a large tank for our inspection and study. This mini-aquarium will serve as a basis for on-going lectures on fascinating marine life of the Arctic. In keeping with company philosophy, all marine life will be returned to the waters from which they came. This unique environment provides a great learning opportunity

Day 6
Ice Station Beechey/Resolute
We will complete any remaining dives and then board our Twin Otter plane for a short flight back to Resolute. Dinner and overnight at our hotel in Resolute.

Day 7
Resolute/Canadian Gateway City
After breakfast at the hotel, we'll tour Resolute, the only settlement on Cornwallis Island. Established in 1947 as a high Arctic weather station, it soon became the coordination point for government, scientific and commercial activities, and today serves primarily as the crossroads of Arctic air travel. As we stand on the brink of the 21st Century, it's amazing to realize that dog sledding is still a means of transportation in this area of the world. Next, we board our plane for the journey south. Dinner and overnight at our hotel in the Canadian Gateway City of Edmonton or Ottawa.

Day 8
Canadian Gateway City/Home
Breakfast at the hotel. Return home.

What's Included: Two nights accommodations in our hotel in Edmonton and/or Ottawa; one night accommodations in our hotel in Resolute; four nights accommodations at Ice Station Beechey; all meals starting with dinner on Day 1 and ending with breakfast on Day 8; all group activities, including dives in submersibles as outlined on the itinerary; services of our expedition staff including lectures, briefings, and slide/film shows; group transfers; round-trip chartered flight to and from Resolute Bay and Ice Station Beechey; all gratuities to the staff.

What's Not Included: Air transportation to/from home city gateway and Resolute; airport arrival and departure taxes; excess baggage charges; independent transfers for individual arrivals and departures; personal items such as laundry, bar charges, wine, liquor, fax/phone/cable charges; insurance; passport and visa fees.

Airfare: A tentative flight schedule is available upon request. DeepSea Voyages will contact you at least 120 days prior to departure to finalize your flight plans.

All rates are per person, quoted in US dollars, and must be paid in US dollars. Rates are subject to Governmental taxes, if applicable. Rates and itinerary are subject to change.

What to Expect: Adding to this intriguing adventure is the unique experience of actually living on the ice. Specially built for the rigors of arctic exploration, a series of trailers provide warm, comfortable accommodations, that are appointed appropriately for their expeditionary use. Rooms are double occupancy. Separate restroom facilities are available for men and women. Expedition members gather at a central dining area for hearty meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will include excellent selections of fresh foods.

Activities: For most activities, a relatively low level of exertion is required. You will need to climb in and out of the submersibles; staff and crew members will be on hand to assist. The interior of the subs is comfortable and dry. A few of our excursions may have rough, uneven terrain covered with ice or snow. As expedition team members, be prepared for everything. Participants will most enjoy the remarkable opportunities these expeditions offer if they travel with a spirit of adventure.

Weather: During this time period, temperatures in the Arctic Circle remain below freezing. Although it is light for much of the time, lowest temperatures generally occur between midnight and 7:00am. Dress very warmly and in layers, allowing a natural level of air between your clothing and your person. Exposure to the elements will be minimal, as facilities for activities are all protected and are within short walking distances. Outside of Ice Station Beechey, there are no reference points such as trees or buildings, and the distance to walk or travel anywhere is further than it appears. Detailed packing and reading lists will be provided to you prior to departure.

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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