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Tank Adventures MN



What's included in a Tank Adventure?

Every program at our Minnesota Drive a Tank location includes:

  • A tour of our command center.
  • A detailed safety briefing and an overview of tank history
  • Then you’ll climb into our 5-ton troop transport vehicle for the short ride to the battlefield.
  • Next comes a short introductory tank driving lesson in the FV-433 Abbot.
  • Each tank adventure includes an opportunity to fire one or more famous weapons inside our indoor shooting range. For example, our introductory package includes the firing of a World War II STEN machine gun.

Drving a tank through mud and water

What kind of tanks can I drive?

Drive the FV-433 Abbot (Included in every tank adventure)

Every tank adventure begins with stick time in the FV-433 Abbot. The Abbot may look like a tank, but technically the FV-433 is a “self-propelled gun”. SPGs like the Abbot serve a different purpose in combat. The Abbot is the easiest of our armored vehicles to operate so all Minnesota Drive a Tank adventures begin with time in the Abbot FV-433.

The Abbot's 105mm gun barrel will point the way for you as you complete the introductory driving course included in every tank adventure. The tanker's hatch will be open, giving you an excellent view of your surroundings and your mission. (Don't worry. You won't be alone. Your instructor will ride along, coaching you.) A friend or family member is welcome to ride along, but will not be permitted to drive.

Drving a tank through mud and water

Drive the FV432-APC (Included in all but our introductory programs)

After a driving lesson in the Abbot, you can advance to the FV-432 Armored Personnel Carrier. In the FV-432, you’ll experience what it’s like to drive a tank in a "combat" type situation. You’ll be challenged to drive the speedy FV432 APC through the course with the driver's hatch closed, using nothing more than the periscope to navigate, just like a seasoned tanker in enemy territory.

Drive the Chieftain MK10 Main Battle Tank Over a Car (Included in our most popular programs)

Our most popular packages include the chance to crush a car with a legendary Chieftain. The Chieftain  FV4201 was the main battle tank of the United Kingdom during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Our MK10 model debuted in 1985.

Drive the M-4 Sherman E-8 Tank (Optional)

The Sherman “Easy 8” was the main battle tank used by American and Allied Forces during World War II. Choose a Sherman adventure and you’ll start in the Abbot and progress to the 432 before taking command of the Sherman. Then, you’ll top off your incredible day with a car crush in the Chieftain. Our Sherman package includes a chance to fire a STEN, plus two other legendary weapons.

Drive a Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank (Optional)

The ultimate tank adventure includes time in the Abbot, the 432 and a Russian T-55. T-54 and T-55 Soviet battle tanks debuted shortly after World War II. (You’ll also get to crush a car and fire four famous World War II weapons.)

Drive a tank

What does it cost to drive a tank in Minnesota?

Our most popular option is $1435, but a variety of programs are available, starting at $470.

  • $470 Drive an Abbot, Fire Guns (one passenger allowed)
  • $720 Drive an Abbot, an APC & Fire Machine Guns (two passengers allowed)
  • $1185 Drive an Abbot, Crush a Car & Fire Guns (one passenger allowed)
  • $1435 Drive the Abbot, an APC, Crush a Car & Fire Machine Guns: (up to two passengers allowed) - Most popular option!
  • $2140 - Drive an Abbot, an APC, and a Sherman E8, hatch up and hatch closed. Fire machine guns (No car crush, up to two passengers allowed)
  • $ 2870 Drive an Abbot, an APC, a Russian T-55, crush a car and fire guns (up to two passengers allowed).
  • $6075 - Ultimate Adventure - Drive everything & shoot everything & experience a double car crush

Where can I drive a tank?

This program is based in Kasota, Minnesota, about 90 minutes from Minneapolis. (It may be possible to bring one or more tanks to a location near you. Call for relocation pricing.)

Drive a tank - storms and mud won't stop a tank

What is the availability?

Individual programs are offered on select dates from April through October. Group, corporate and special events can be scheduled all year long.

Is it possible to shoot machine guns?

Yes. You get to fire a STEN WWII machine gun. Optional add-ons include target practice with the M4 machine gun, two World War II belt-fed machine guns, or a Barrett .50 Cal Anti-Materiel Rifle.

Practice target shooting skills with optional add-ons: STEN machine gun, M4 machine gun, 1919 automatic belt-fed machine gun

Can I really crush a car?

Yes! You can really CRUSH A CAR with a tank!

Tank crushes a car

Fun driving a tank through rain and mud

Crush a car with a tank

E-mail or call Incredible Adventures today for a full color brochure, schedules,
details and rates: 800 644-7382





PRICE: $470-$6075
WHERE: Kasota MN
WHEN: April-October
(All year for Groups, Custom and Special Events)


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