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Exciting Team Building Programs - Hostage Rescue, Shark Diving, Air Combat & More Fun!

Team Building Programs

If your mission is team-building, then ask about our custom-designed Covert Ops programs. Here are a few of the incredible possibilities:

Hostage Rescue Scenario: Your CEO has been kidnapped by your chief competitor. Her captors have taken her to a remote location, and are demanding the disclosure of all your trade secrets in exchange for her release.

Together, with experienced counter-terrorist experts from our Covert Ops program, you will coordinate her rescue. To be successful, you will need to perfect all the same skills useful in will use strategic thinking skills to carefully evaluate your competitor, build a rescue team and assign responsibilities, and carefully research and plan each action.

Over a period of several hours, you will receive bits and pieces of intelligence about the kidnappers, by telephone and messenger. Some of these reports will be vague and contradictory and some will be essential to discovering where your CEO is being held captive. Together, you will use reasoning skills to evaluate the intelligence and plan your mission. You will elect someone to negotiate with the kidnappers, while the rest of your team is issued paint ball weapons and prepares for an assault. Any mistakes in planning will result in the apparent deaths of the hostage and team members.

This scenario can take place virtually anywhere. Invite our "kidnappers" to your next sales convention!

Team Building Programs: Case Study

Rewards and Incentives

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