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Mags O'Sullivan Flies to the Edge of Space in a Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum

Written by Mags O'Sullivan:

What an incredible adventure becoming the first Irish girl to fly to the Edge of Space in a MiG 29 Fulcrum.

In this flight we reached a height of 20,400m, Mach 1.94, speed 2,030km and pulled over 6 G's.

At 12 km Sergei Kara the chief test pilot of Nizhny Airbase in Sokol began to build up speed while maintaining an altitude of 12km. Within minutes supersonic speeds were reached and before long we were at 1.94 Mach.

Once Mach 1.94 was reached Sergei the test pilot raised the needle nose of the MiG and we headed straight to the Edge of Space into the stratosphere. This was a pure adrenaline rush.

Within minutes we were at the Edge of Space soaring through the stratosphere. Seeing the blackness and infinity of space against the backdrop of the blueness of the atmosphere felt very humbling.

I was one of the fastest and highest human beings at that moment in time. I was in heaven.

Like all good things in life the moment passed and before I knew it we were heading back down into the atmsophere and soon settled at an altitude of 8km.

There the chief test pilot began performing an array of thrilling aerobatics. First he did a quick roll followed by steep angle of bank flying. This was followed by a loop and then he asked me if I would like to perform one myself. I didn't hesitate and before I knew it I had control and I was pulling back the stick until it passed 90 degrees. The loop was completed smoothly and I was ecstatic.

The test pilot then perfomed rolls which were followed by several over-wings and inverted flight.

This was then topped by a tail-slide which for me was the mother of all manoeuvres.

Throughout the aerobactics and G-loading I felf the pressure suit doing its work ensuring blood was pumped to my brain.

Shortly after this we then flew back to the airfield where he finished his display by performing some more inverted turns over the runway and a low altitude pass at 15m.

Soon after we landed and were back on the apron.

Thanks to Incredible Adventrues for organising this trip of a lifetime for me and to Sergei Kara the test pilot and all the staff at Nizhny airbase.

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