Here's what you can expect during a typical zero-g day:
8:45 am Check-in & light breakfast
9:15 am Mission briefing & coach time

10:15 am Transportation to Shuttle Landing Facility

10:00 pm Security Screening & Boarding

11:00 am Weightless Flight aboard G-FORCE ONE™ where you'll experience:

  • Martian-G parabolas (1/3 gravity)
  • Lunar-G parabolas (1/6 gravity)
  • Zero-G parabolas (0 gravity)
1:00 pm Return to Visitor's Complex
1:30 pm Regravitation Party

"The ZERO-G Experience was ten times better than I expected. I highly recommend it for those who want to experience a suborbital flight. It was really amazing, unbelievably cool!"
~ Burt Rutan, President Scaled Composites, Designer of SpaceShipOne


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