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Colorado Sky School

An Incredible Aerobatic Flying Adventure For Licensed Pilots
Near Denver, Colorado


Schedule an introductory aerobatics lesson in an incredible aircraft with one of our FAA-certified flight instructors. Experience rolls, loops, tailslides and more. It’s an incredible flying adventure near Denver, Colorado that delivers an unforgettable taste of aerobatic flying.

Aerobatic flights in the Extra 300 in Colorado

The Extra 330 LX was built for excitement. Designed to withstand +/- 10g’s, the Extra is an “Unlimited” category aerobatic aircraft with a maneuvering speed of more than 180 mph. When it comes to aerobatic stunts, the sky’s the limit in the Extra 330!


HOME BASE Centennial Airport - Englewood, CO

15 miles from Downtown Denver


Loops, rolls, tailslides & more!


What are the requirements for an aerobatics flight in the Extra 330 LX?

To fly, you must be a pilot in reasonably good health, capable of understanding and following all safety instructions, and fit comfortably into the aircraft. As a general guideline, you should be no taller than 6’4” or heavier than 210 lbs. You will be required to sign a Release of Liability.

Do I need prior flying experience for this adventure?

Yes. Insurance regulations require that aerobatics students have a minimum of a private pilot's license. You will fly with an FAA-certified flight instructor who will teach you all that is necessary to know for your aerobatic flight. A typical introductory program begins with an hour of ground school followed by up to an hour in the aircraft.

Can I fly the plane?

The final decision rests with the pilot-in-command, but the answer is almost always “yes!” As long as you’ve demonstrated the ability to follow safety instructions and you’re within the proper airspace, you’ll be invited to take the controls. Before your flying adventure, you’ll have an opportunity to speak with your flight instructor and discuss your goals for the flight. It’s your introduction to aerobatics so you help determine the lesson plan. Fly level and easy or tumble and roll through the sky!

Where are flights based?

Our aerobatic flights in Colorado take off from Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado. The airport is approximately 15 miles from Downtown Denver.

When can I schedule an aerobatic flight lesson in the Extra 330 LX?

Flights are available all year long, by appointment only, based on pilot availability.

What is the price?

Pricing starts at $995 per person and depends on the flight training options selected.

Can I take a camera in the plane with me?

No. For safety reasons, personal cameras cannot be carried into the cockpit. Complimentary raw video will be provided to you when possible.

Can I buy someone an aerobatic flight as a gift?

Yes! Gift certificates can be purchased online. Please make sure the recipient meets flight experience and physical requirements.

Is advanced flight training available?

Yes. Pilots can enroll in advanced aerobatics flight training or an approved Upset and Recovery program.


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