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Deep Flight Adventures: Dive Sites for SCUBA



The following is a list of dive sites for Scuba divers on Nassau in the Bahamas:

  • Clifton Wall off the South side of Nassau has some sheer drops and shelves. Swim to the left for the more sheer drops. Starts at 35 feet.
  • Tunnel Wall begins at about 45 feet and has a large number of swim-throughs to make for a fun dive.
  • Razorback, Sliding Anchor and Playground are spectacular walls raising up out of the sand before tailing off. They are literally teeming in fish life and pristine coralheads. Definitely take your camera to any of these sites!
  • Shark Wall is about 12 miles off the south side of Nassau and is a real thrill. It's the local hangout for over 20 female Caribbean Reef Sharks. Reef covers the top of the wall and offers spectacular hide-outs for eels and rays.
  • Pumpkin Patch is a colorful site with overlaying coral and rock running along the top and down the banks of the wall. Swim to the left on the wall and visit the Sea Viking Wreck before turning around to head back.
  • Hollywood Wall begins at around 40 feet with sheer drop offs to the left.
  • Cessna Wall is the site of a Cessna aircraft used in the movie Jaws IV. The aircraft sits on the edge of the drop off consisting of a series of ledges.
  • Oasis is a wall dive beginning at around 80 feet. Overlaying coral heads and sponge formations make this site incredibly pretty.
  • Wreck on the Wall is literally a wreck on a wall! Only the hull of this old Haitian freighter remains precariously balanced on the edge of the ledge and it seems to attract large stone crabs looking for a hide out. Swim to the right for the fun stuff!
  • The Sand Chute is a sand chute and a cave leading down to a wall.
  • The Bahama Mama is a four fold experience. First of all there is the wreck of the Bahama Mama, an old party boat, secondly there is the wall, thirdly there is a coral head 60 feet off the bow and about 20 kick cycles away (stuffed with moray eels) and finally there are sharks-lots of male Caribbean reef sharks. This a dive to really get your teeth into, you'll be kept busy way beyond the realms of tables so keep your eye on the needle!!
  • Lamptons starts 45 feet
  • The Will Laurie is a 100 ft mail boat sitting in about 55 feet of water and surrounded by reef. Divers should try to visit at night: the wreck attracts literally hundreds of trumpetfish hanging upside down in the top framework and vibrant orange coral attached to the hull of the boat can be seen totally 'out' and feeding.
  • The Sea Viking was purposely sunk in Dec 1995 and now makes for an interesting dive site. The wreck is positioned on the edge of the wall and was an old fishing boat.
  • The James Bond Wrecks are two wrecks side by side. The first is the remnants of a movie prop used in Thunderball made to look like a Vulcan Bomber. Today the scaffolding left resembles a colorful jungle gym smothered in hard and soft corals. The second wreck is the Tears of Allah, a freighter used in the movie Never Say Never Again where 007 managed to escape the clutches of a Tiger Shark. The wreck is penetrable and is surrounded by reef.


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