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Covert Ops Gets an Incredible Makeover

Go Undercover in Miami with Covert OpsJoin us this January for the official debut of Covert Ops: A Four Day Counter Terrorism Adventure in Miami. We've killed off our old Covert Ops secret agent fantasy camp in Arizona and replaced it with a new Covert Ops adventure in South Florida that's ten times more incredible. 

You can now learn counter terror warfare from a seasoned and battle tested veteran of the Israeli Special Forces. Team leader Garret Machine spent three years as part of Garret Machine was a member of the Israeli Special Forces.the Israeli Defense Force's elite Duvdevan unit.  His unit specialized in undercover work, urban warfare, targeted assassinations and kidnapping of wanted militants throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. After leaving the military, Garret served as a field bodyguard in Israel's equivalent of the US Secret Service and as a member of the Israeli National Police Force.  Lucky for us, he's now back home in Florida, providing training and security consulting to select groups and individuals.

Our new Covert Ops Adventure is just $3895 per person and includes expert training from Garret and his team, use of Covert Ops Counter Terrorism Adventureequipment, four nights lodging, most meals and some great extras. Participants may be eligible for a Florida concealed weapons permit at the conclusion of training. For more information call, visit our website or send us an email.

(You may recognize Garret from his appearance as a contestant on Discovery Channel's "One Man Army", the show hosted by our very own Specops Mykel Hawke. You can see video clips from the show on our website.  Be sure to keep watching this newsletter for a schedule of 2012 Specops adventures.)

Our Hollywood Top Gun Adventure Makes History (History Channel Latin America, That Is)

The L-39 is the star of a TV promo.Our Hollywood Top Gun Adventure has a starring role in a new History Channel Latin America Promotion. See the commercial filmed in our L-39 here. You don't have to understand Spanish to realize it's fun to star in a Hollywood Top Gun production.

Experience Temporary Weight Loss

Experience Zero Gravity with Incredible Adventures and Aurora 
Aerospace.Now is the perfect time to schedule a Florida zero-gravity adventure with Incredible Adventures and Aurora Aerospace. Hurricane season is over and peak tourist season hasn't started. A personal zero-gravity flight near Tampa is just $2500 and makes a great gift to yourself or someone you like a lot. Contact us to start the weight loss process.

A TV Commercial We Like

Apparently Pittsburgh Steeler fans don't just like football. They like flying fighter jets, diving with sharks and floating in zero-gravity. In case you've missed the "Terrible Towel" commercial currently airing on ESPN, here's a link to it. We like the guy waving a towel in a fighter jet the best!

We're Thankful for 18 Years, Incredible Adventurers, and a Little Time Kind Of Off

Our office will be closing early on Wednesday, November 23rd for our Thanksgiving holiday. We'll be back at our desks bright and early and a few pounds heavier on Monday morning, November 28th. We're all looking forward to a few days kind of off.  We'll be checking email and messages from home, so we'll still be kind of working...

We're thankful to have a job we love, making dreams come true for friends like you.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

We're Still On Facebook

Consider following us on Facebook. We tend to post photos and new adventure info to our Facebook page before we post it anywhere else.




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Our Favorite Suit Doesn't Have a Designer Label

Wear a pressure suit on a flight to the edge of space in a MiG-29You may like Armani, Chanel, Gucci or Ralph Lauren, but our favorite suit is a drab green loaner from Sokol. Wear one once and we'll know you'll want to wear one again.

Make plans now to borrow a pressure suit and fly to the edge of space in a MiG-29.  The MiG flies its highest in cold weather, so now is a great time to be planning a Russian flying adventure.  A MiG flyer models a MiG-29 pressure suit.Obtaining the necessary security clearance to fly a Russian fighter isn't difficult, but the process can take 60 days so advance planning is mandatory.

Contact us today and you could be modeling a green suit in our January or February newsletter.

IA's Steiger Teams Up with the GoPro BombSquad

If you're one of the 2 1/2 million-plus people who've see the promo for the new GoPro HD Hero2 video camera on YouTube, you've seen Steiger's yellow balloon. Steiger is the official balloon pilot of the GoPro BombSquad, a trio of extreme aerialists knownSkydive 
from a Balloon with Incredible Adventures for their daring jumps.

Daredevils Neil Amonson, Jesse Hall and Marshall Miller are big fans of Steiger and his balloon and you will be too if you make a tandem skydive from Steiger's gondola. You don't need any prior skydiving experience to make a "normal" or "HALO" tandem balloon jump and have your skydive captured by a GoPro camera.

Photo by David J WestPhotographers like Steiger too. He's currently working with fine art photographer David J West to capture one-of-a-kind images of Zion National Park for an upcoming book.

If you'd like to skydive from a balloon, or join Steiger and David on a Zion photo flight, let us know and we'll get you dates, details and pricing. Extreme mountain crossings are also available and make incredible holiday gifts or wedding presents.

Hot Air Balloon Adventures with SteigerIA's balloon adventure pricing is based on a variety of factors, including the "extremeness" of the flight and the number of adventurers. Price is not just determined by where you will fly, but where you could land. Extreme crossings come with the possibility of needing to land far from civilization where our chase team can't just drive by and pick you up.

Email us to learn more about our new incredible hot air balloon adventures.

We Put People in Cages

You don't have to be a diver to get in the water with big sharks in the Bahamas. Our shark dive adventures involve the use of Cage Dive 
in the Bahamas with Incredible Adventuresa shark cage and hookah air system. This means virtually anyone who can snorkel can shark dive. 

Our Tiger Beach Shark Adventures depart from Old Bahama Bay Marina on Grand Bahama Island's West End. The marina and luxury resort are roughly a 40 minute drive, bus or cab ride from Freeport.

Our next schedule Tiger Shark trips are December 3, March 31 and April 21. The cost is $875 per person for cage divers and $375 for topside observers. Contact us soon to join one of our scheduled trips, or for info about private shark diving charters.


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