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Extreme Balloon Adventures: mountain and desert crossings, high altitude skydiving, stunt pilot services, aerial photography, events staging & custom flights worldwide

If you want to tour the winelands by hot air balloon,
call somebody else.

Steiger doesn't do grapes.

Hundreds of pilots will fly you over vines. We've teamed up with Steiger, the only one who will fly you over tall mountains and across vast deserts.

VIDEO: Crossing the Austrian Alps, January 2012 Watch Balloon Over Austrian Alps video

A Bit of History

The first manned aircraft was a hot air balloon and took to the air over France in 1783, some 120 years before the Wright Brothers' first flight. It was made of paper and fueled by burning straw. The second manned aircraft was another balloon that took off just ten days later, made of varnished silk and powered by hydrogen. Centuries later, hot air and gas balloons share the sky with fighter jets, jumbo airliners and military drones. Entrepreneurs are working to launch the first generation of civilian space planes and countries are building spaceports.

Experience the Leading Edge of Ballooning

Experience daring crossings, extreme skydiving, high-altitude flights & more with our world-class balloonist Steiger.

High altitude view from a hot air balloon. Hot Air Balloon Adventures Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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Life is either an incredible adventure...or nothing at all

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