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JUNE 2013
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Incredible News from Incredible Adventures, previous issue

Don't Miss Your One Chance This Year to Experience Zero-G in Russia

Incredible Adventures for a Zero Gravity Flight in Russia

Go weightless over Russia in the Russian Space Agency's IL-76 MDK. We're now taking reservations for a special October 17th zero-gravity flight.

The specially-modified Illyushin-76 cargo plane is known for its huge interior and provides the most floating space of any of the world's zero-g aircraft. Only 14 participants are allowed on each flight, so flyers have an incredible amount of space in which to fly, float and experience the fun of being weightless.

This is a rare opportunity to prepare for space in the very same plane used to train cosmonauts and visiting astronauts for a trip to the International Space Station. Because the IL-76 MDK is so actively used for cosmonaut training, only a limited number of flight dates are made available to civilians each year.

The zero-gravity of space is simulated when pilot of the IL-76 MDK performs a maneuver known as a parabola. The aircraft climbs steeply and then curves downward, as if it is flying up and over a hill.  As the plane goes "over the hill", passengers feel weightless for roughly 22 to 28 seconds.

A typical Russian Space Agency zero-gravity flight lasts approximately two hours and includes 10 parabolas.  At the end of your flight, you will have experienced roughly four minutes of weightlessness. 

We've put together an incredible five day, four night zero-gravity space adventure that includes hotel accommodations, ground transfers, a Moscow city tour and most meals, for $11,750. This itinerary includes a VIP tour of Star City and admission to the special Museum of Cosmonautics, the day prior to your zero-gravity flight.

Download the free pdf brochure here.

Other itineraries are available. You must pass a medical check and receive advance security clearance to fly. For more information, and/or to receive a custom quote on the space adventure of your dreams, give us a call or send us an email.

Floating in Florida is the
Next Best Thing

Experience Zero Gravity in Florida with Incredible Adventures and Aurora AerospaceBigger is better. No question about it.  For the ultimate zero-gravity experience, you need to travel to Russia for a flight in the Russian Space Agency's space-filled IL-76 MDK.

That said, a private zero-gravity adventure in a small plane is a whole lot of fun too. Incredible Adventures offers personal zero-gravity adventures near Tampa, Florida in a four-passenger Rockwell Commander 700. Each flight lasts about an hour and includes 12 or more ten-second weightless parabolas. Scheduling is easy. Best of all, each flight is just $2500.

For more information, give us a call or visit our website.  (Add an L-39 fighter jet training flight to your space adventure for just $3000.)

Sharks, Sharks & More Sharks

Dive with Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Lemon 
Sharks and Reef SharksIncredible Adventures offers shark diving adventures in four great locations. You don't have to be a certified diver to join any of the trips, but you do need to be fast at calling or emailing.  Some of the trips sell out far in advance. (Our 2014 Isla Guadalupe trips are almost sold out, so we've started taking reservations for the 2015 viewing season.)

Dates to Note:

This year's white shark season in San Francisco is September 28 - November 17.

Our next Bahamas Tiger Shark Adventure is August 24th. (Private charters can be scheduled virtually anytime at a cost of $8750.)

For more information, contact us by email, or give her a call at 800-644-7382.

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Dare to Dream

Book of Dreams Includes Our Most Incredible Adventures 

We'd like to congratulate fellow Sarasota resident Nik Wallenda. On Sunday, June 23, he made history when he became the first to walk a tightrope across America's Grand Canyon.

We love seeing dreams come true, and crossing the Grand Canyon had been a long-time dream for the famous aerialist.

Everyone should dream big. To help get you started dreaming, we're happy to present our new catalog of adventures, appropriately called "A Book of Dreams".

Covert Ops Returns in October  Join the Mission October 18th - 20th

Train with Garret Machine at Covert Ops It's hot in Miami in the summer. And wet, thanks to almost daily thunderstorms. We Floridians are used to dodging lightning and mopping up sweat, but we know the weather conditions can be tough for visitors to tolerate. That's why we don't have another Covert Ops Adventure scheduled until October.

Enlist now for two-days of intense counter terror warfare training, led by former Israeli Special Forces operative Garret Machine. Learn anti-ambush drills and protocols employed by high risk security teams in the Middle East. Master Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts) skills and more. The training is real but the mission is fun.

Training is open to men and women and gift certificates are available. The $2950 per person cost includes expert training, use of equipment, lodging and most meals.

Download our two-day Covert Ops brochure here. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today by calling Sheri at 800-644-7382.

(Keep in mind that private, custom Covert Ops training missions can be scheduled for groups of four or more.)

MiG Flight Question
of the Month

I wear glasses. Can I wear them when I fly a MiG?

Fly a 
MiG over Russia - Glasses wearers welcome.


If you'd like to fly a MiG-29 over Russia, give us a call at 800-644-7382 or send us an email.

Call us. We Love to Talk Adventure!

800-644-7382 or 941-346-2603

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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