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OCTOBER 2017 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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We're Celebrating 24 Incredible Years

Great White Shark, Farallon Islands

So Many Adventures, So Many Stories

In October of 1993, we introduced the world to MiG flights over Russia. Back then, we were known as "MIGS etc." Among the first to fly were a female investment banker from New York, and a reporter for The New York Times.

Read reporter Peter Passell's 1993 MiG flight article here.

Twenty-four years later, we're still sending people to Russia to fly MiGs. We're proud to be the only non-Russian company officially licensed by the MiG Corporation to sell the civilian fighter jet flights. Make breaking the sound barrier in a MiG over Russia part of your life story. We're now taking advance reservations for 2018 flights. Contact Greg to find out how you can fly a MiG.

P.S. We have a lot of great US-based flying adventures, too!

Watch Us on NBC News with Tom Brokaw

Take a Flight Back in Time

DC-3 Flights

DC-3 Rides and Flight Training Available Near Atlanta

Take an unforgettable flight in the plane that revolutionized air travel in the 1930's and 1940's. Our Atlanta-based DC-3 is available for intro flights, pilot training and special events. Pricing starts at $2950. No pilot's license is required to fly aboard the "Candler Express" and gift certificates are available. Call or email for details.

Video: Meet the Candler Express

Dare to Dive the Farallones

Hammerhead Sharks Bimini Island

San Francisco's White Sharks Hang Out in a
Spooky Place Known as "The Devil's Teeth"

There's still time to book a 2017 Great White Shark Adventure to San Francisco's Farallon Islands. The area off the coast of San Francisco is the seasonal home of some of the world's biggest white sharks. Peak viewing season is from late September through mid-November.

Our trips depart from San Francisco's Pier 40 and must be booked in advance. No dive experience is required. We use a floating shark cage and surface-supplied air.

Incredible Adventures operates its expeditions under an education permit issued by NOAA's Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.

Call Now

Join Us in Bimini in January

Train with Veteran US Navy SEALS

Cage Dive With Great Hammerhead Sharks

We're now taking reservations for two special Great Hammerhead Cage Dives, set for January 6th and January 15th in Bimini. Great Hammerheads can grow up to 20 feet long. The cost to cage dive is $875, or you can view sharks topside for $375. No dive experience is required.

Bimini is the island of The Bahamas closest to Florida. Shark dives are available all year long, with different species of sharks viewed at different times. You can reach Bimini by commercial airline, or by taking a ferry or seaplane from Florida.

Call or email us for more information.

Enlist Now For A One Day "SEAL Team" Adventure in San Diego

Covert Ops San Diego

Train With Former Navy SEALs At an Incredible Facility

There's a hospital, a ship, a helicopter, a village and more. We're proud to have access to one of the most incredible military and law enforcement training facilities in the world. Join us in San Diego on January 27, 2018 for a day of Covert Ops training you'll never forget.

The cost is $1950 per person and gift certificates are available. Call or email for more info. Book online here.

Covert Ops San Diego Video

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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