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NOVEMBER 2017 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Skydive At The Top of the World

Great White Shark, Farallon Islands

Incredible North Pole Skydive Set for April 2018

Skydive onto the North Pole. Spend a night at Ice Camp Barneo. Our newest extreme skydiving adventure takes place at the top of the world....a place so remote, it doesn't have a time zone.

When: April 1-4, 2018
Where: The North Pole
What: Tandem & Solo Skydives from an IL-76
Cost: $77,000 for tandem jumpers $37,000 for solo jumpers

Our North Pole Skydiving Adventure begins and ends in Norway. For more information, visit our website or download our brochure. Space is limited. Call today to reserve your parachute.

Video: North Pole Skydive

Train Like a Cosmonaut

Zero Gravity flights in Russia

IL-76 MDK is Largest of World's Zero Gravity Planes

Contact us if you'd like to experience weightlessness aboard the world's largest zero-g plane. Our next scheduled flight aboard Russia's IL-76 MDK is set for December 6th. (We're also taking reservations for 2018 flights.)

A five day, four night zero gravity adventure, complete with luxury hotel accommodations, tours and more, starts at $8450 US. Each Russian zero-g flight is limited to just 14 participants.

Video: Zero Gravity Russia

Cage Dive with Great Hammerheads

Hammerhead Sharks Bimini Island

Dive January 6th or January 15th

Bimini is the island of the Bahamas that is closest to Florida. The tropical paradise is known for offering some of the best shark diving opportunities on the planet. December through April is Great Hammerhead season. Other months, divers can expect to see tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks and nurse sharks.

We utilize a floating shark cage, so no dive experience is required. Trips depart from Bimini Big Game Club and Resort. The cost to cage dive is $875 and topside observers pay $375. For more information, call 800-644-7382.

Brochure: Bimini Sharks

Fly an L-39 Near Moscow

Train with Veteran US Navy SEALS

Winter Flights Possible

The L-39 "Albatros" is the single-engine jet trainer that was used to prepare generations of MiG pilots for aerial combat. No pilot's license or security clearance is required to perform loops, rolls and more in the incredible aircraft. The L-39 can perform many of the same aerobatic maneuvers as the legendary MiG-29.

Pricing starts at $4950. Add a stay at the famous Metropol Hotel, a tour of Red Square and tickets to the Bolshoi to make it an incredible winter getaway.

Call or email us for more information.

Brochure: L-39 Russia

Real Training - Fake Ammo

Covert Ops San Diego

Train Where the Real Guys Do

Spend a day training with former US Navy SEALs in San Diego. The magic of Hollywood is used to create ultra-realistic training scenarios, at a special "movie set" facility used by military and law enforcement teams. The counter-terrorism techniques you'll learn are real, but the mission is fun.

The cost is $1950 per person and gift certificates are available. Our next "open enrollment" course is set for January 27th. Private missions can be arranged for groups of 4 or more. Call or email for more info.

Brochure: SEAL Adventure San Diego

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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