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AUGUST 2022 - Issue 2
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Play With Big Toys in The Ultimate Sandbox

Drive bulldozers, excavators and wheel loaders

Drive Bulldozers, Excavators and Wheel Loaders

Drive big machines in Minnesota. Choose your favorite heavy metal machine, or drive everything in the sandbox. We have excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders.

The ultimate construction fun zone is located a roughly 30 minute drive from Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and is open on select days all year long. Gather friends and family for a day of digging or schedule an individual driving session.

Individual packages start at $325 per person and a three-hour group program for up to 10 participants is $2195. Add a car crush to an individual or group program for extra heavy metal fun. (Prices include all taxes and fees.)

The minimum age to drive the big stuff is 14, but younger spectators are welcome. Those age 10 and over can drive a mini excavator in our mini sandbox for $215.

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How Much Fun Can You Handle?

Aerobatic flights over Denver Colorado

Schedule an Aerobatic Flight Over Denver

It's a Rollercoast Ride with Wings

An aerobatic flight in an Extra 330 LX can feel like the ultimate rollercoaster...or not. Want to roll and loop and pull maximum g's? Great! Like the view from upside down? No problem. Prefer to pass on the high-g forces and take it easy? Fine with us. You determine the flight lesson plan, together with your FAA-certified flight instructor.

Flights take off from Centennial Airport, near Denver and can be scheduled year round. No prior flying experience is required but you must meet minimum age, health and size requirements. Pricing starts at $995 and includes unedited video.

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Giant Shark Cage for Sale

Giant shark cage for sale

Perfect for a Research Vessel or Waterfront Bar

We have the deal for you!

Have you been looking for the perfect shark cage? We have a shark cage for sale that can hold 8 shark divers with room to spare. It is located in the San Francisco area and available for immediate pick-up.

Built by one of the country's premier underwater exploration companies, the cage we're selling is made of high-quality marine grade aluminum and is ridiculously strong. Forget great white sharks...this thing could protect you from a megalodon.

Use the cage for its original purpose or make it the featured attraction at your restaurant, bar or waterfront business. It can easily be modified to fit your needs.

Over $22,000 new - asking $7500 but open to all offers.

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Skydive High in West Tennessee

High altitude skydiving near Memphis, Tennessee

Make a high-altitude skydive near Memphis, TN

Experience up to two incredible minutes of high-speed freefall. No prior skydiving experience is required.

Tandem jumps from 28,000 feet are $5000. The price includes all training, use of equipment and video.

Jump days are Fridays and the jump season is May 1 to November 1.

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Learn to Race at Corvette School

Learn professional driving and racing skills in a Corvette

Spend a day behind the wheel of a Corvette

Learn driving and racing skills from professionals. Pricing starts at $2025.


Homestead-Miami Sept 18, Oct 16, Dec 18

Sebring Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 16

Note: Rally, road and off-road driving instruction is available all year long at our motorsport facility near Gainesville, FL. Private one-day sessions are $2200.

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Fly a Texan in South Carolina

Fly the T-6 Texan

Fly a classic American warbird from South Carolina

Schedule an introductory flight in the T-6 or complete pilot training.

A one-hour flight is $920 and gift certificates are available.

Flights take off from a private grass airstrip about an hour from Columbia, SC and three hours from Atlanta. On-site lodging is available.

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Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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