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SPECOPS: The Radical Sabbatical - Hawaii

New: Basic Survival Training with Mykel Hawke

Note: This adventure is temporarily unavailable. Instructors are on
active military duty. For schedule updates call 800-644-7382

The Radical Sabbatical - Hawaii Day 1 (Sat) - Arrival
Welcome to Maui! Your first day in paradise is reserved for pure rest and relaxation - enjoy it while you can. After a personal pick-up at the airport, you and the SPECOPS guide will bond through an intellectually stimulating conversation on your way to a comfortable resort where the remainder of the day is spent lounging pool side and walking the beautiful beaches of Maui.

Day 2 (Sun) - SCUBA, Surfing/Boogie Boarding and Sea Survival
If you are a certified diver and carrying your logbook, we take you diving first Hawaii - surfing, windsurfing, SCUBA diving, boogie boardingthing in the morning. If you are not certified, then you will attend a resort course followed by an exciting dive in the blue Pacific waters led by an experienced SCUBA instructor. After a succulent lunch it's time for boogie boarding and surfing. You'll have an opportunity to learn the basic skills and then try your hand at it during unscheduled activities time every day throughout the remainder of the trip. The SPECOPS instructor will be available to provide information to those interested in Sea Survival.

Day 3 (Mon) - Downhill Volcano Biking, Haleakala Crater Hike, Celestial Navigation
Hike the Haleakala Crater in MauiDon't stay up too late admiring the heavenly bodies, because at the crack of dawn we're heading to the top of the volcano. From the hotel it's approximately a 90-minute ride up to the peak at 10,034 feet. The speedy trip back down takes place on a specially outfitted mountain bike with disk brakes. Don't be tempted to take-off like the professional racers as this is their home turf and they know every corner and blind spot; this is definitely not a place where you want to lose control. A professional bike guide provides all Biking the Haleakala Volcanonecessary instruction and will escort you down the steep volcano.

If you're like 75 year old Mrs. X who at the starting line saw a group of pros zip by her and asked the guide "Oh my! Mark.are we going to be going that fast?" and whose answer was "Yes ma'am.we are;" then there's no shame in hopping back into the van. By the way, Mark was just kidding; the speed is very controlled. The Haleakala bike guides just have a twisted sense of humor! But hey, it's your vacation, so the SPECOPS guide will be sure to have his aid bag near by just in case.

After successfully completing the Haleakala bike blast challenge we'll break Hike the Haleakala Crater in Mauifor lunch at Sunrise Market & Protea Farm. They've got great food, but don't go crazy because you are going to head right back up to the top for a really intense and slightly bizarre crater hike. The inside of Haleakala crater is over 19 square miles of dormant cinder cones and cliff-sides. This is as close as one can get to being on Mars without leaving the planet. Definitely bring your cameras, a jacket, long-sleeved shirt and long pants for this one.

In the evening as the sun is setting, a sky that offers some of the best celestial viewing on the planet will unfold before your very eyes; due to the clarity governments from across the world have based some of their best telescopes on Haleakala. It's the perfect time for your instructor to introduce you to the age-old tradition of celestial navigation.

Day 4 (Tue) - Chopper Flight, Powered Hang Gliding, Intro to Jungle Survival
Bright and early the group is driven to the heliport, which is the exfiltration point for an exhilarating flight/airborne tour to Hana - a sleepy little community nestled between pristine, tropical landscapes and the rugged Pacific Ocean.

Upon arrival, a local guide meets the Group and breaks us into two groups. One heads to the ocean to learn and enjoy sea kayaking while the other starts one of the more exciting parts of out tour... Powered Hang Gliding! While these activities are going on, the SPECOPS guide arrives in The Radical Sabbatical van with your luggage and checks us into a local resort.Helicopter rides, powered hang gliding and jungle survival skills After a scrumptious dinner, the remainder of the evening is reserved for rest and relaxation, walking the beach and getting to know your fellow adventurers and SPECOPS guides. In the evening, you will get your introduction to Jungle Survival.

Jungle survival skills, food and water perparation, shelter, fire building, signaling techniquesDay 5 (Wed) - Survival Trekking
After breakfast the Group musters for a Survival Trek which takes us through the beautiful and untamed jungles of Hana. During the trek he'll instruct you on food procurement and preparation, water procurement and purification, field-expedient shelter and fire building and signaling techniques. In the evening, if you are not drop-dead tired, you can join your instructor for some evening surfing or simply choose to relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset; after all, it is a vacation.

Day 6 (Thu) - Transfer to Kahului and Flight to Oahu
The morning is free for surfing, boogie-boarding, well deserved relaxation or walking around Hana. In the late morning, we head back to Kahului with sight seeing and lunch en route. Upon arrival, we head straight to the airport for the flight to Oahu. The evening consists of souvenir shopping and a night-on-the-town.

Day 7 (Fri) - Skydiving/Tandem Jumping Skydiving and tandem jumping in Hawaii
Early morning we head to the north side of Oahu where we'll step in thin air from a beautiful, twin turboprop airplane from over 10,000 feet! Of course, you'll be strapped to one of the best tandem skydiving instructors in the world. But knowing you're safe doesn't take the incredible thrill out of that first step, or the unbelievable rush of plummeting toward earth. After the chute opens and you reassure yourself that you will indeed live, take some time to look around and enjoy the incredible view of the ocean and the mountains from underneath the safety of your canopy. If you just can't muster the courage to get on the airplane we'll have options available, but skydiving is one ride you don't want to miss!

The afternoon is left for enjoying the beach, last minute shopping or just savoring the events of The Radical Sabbatical! In the evening, we meet for one final supper and a night-on-the-town.

Day 8 (Sat) - Departure for home
It's time for bittersweet good-byes and promises of reunions as you head to Honolulu Airport for the return home. Don't be too sad; the islands of Hawaii and our SPECOPS instructors will welcome you back with aloha when you're hit with the overwhelming urge to get wild once again on another SPECOPS Adventure. Hey, maybe we'll see each other again on The Big Adrenaline Rush! in Costa Rica!

Note: Biplane rides and other optional add-ons are available for customized adventures. Call for info.

Photos copyright Jay Dickman.

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