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Specops: US Missions

New: Basic Survival Training with Mykel Hawke

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You can count on our Specops Mobile Training Team to deliver the incredible adventure you deserve, when you need it and where you want it. Members of our Specops training team are stationed across the country and ready to report for duty. They're just waiting for you to give them their mission orders.

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Tell us what you want and we'll gather our great military minds together and come up with an exciting plan. Meet us at one of our first-class training facilities or we'll bring the excitement to you.

The Specops Arsenal: A Few Samples

Special Operations Tactical Missions (Paintball Weapons.)
Learn the same tactics used by Green Berets and Navy Seals in modern warfare. You'll be trained in mission essential tasks. After a military style briefing you'll lay out your strategy, rehearse and brief back your proposed plan. Once critiqued and approved, you'll move out smartly to 'go hot' and see what you're made of. Missions are tailored to the fitness and experience level of your army.

Sit Rep (Situation Report):
"The RAG is conducting hostile actions
in your AO. The RAG must be eliminated
and their operations terminated..."
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Special Operations Urban Missions (No Weapons)
A Fantasy Spy Adventure
This course gets back to the basics of good old-fashioned fun. The predecessors of modern day Special Forces, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the combination of CIA meets SOF during World War II. After a brief training period of a few hours to a few days in the OSS ways, you and your fellow 'new agent operators' will go into the Urban Operational Area and conduct a series of secret tasks, trying to successfully accomplish an impossible mission. All the while, the bad guys will be everywhere trying to nab you, tail you and generally foil your plans!

The Making of an A Team
Units, platoons, brigades, squadrons - military operations depend on teams of individuals, working together to accomplish a mission. We know how to bring people together, whether it's six guys looking to have a whole lot of fun or a division of your company looking for better ways to work together to make more sales.

"A key tactic amongst Special Forces is to permit junior people to take the lead roles and have traditional leaders assume the less than senior positions within the team. If subordinates learn what it is to lead, they become better followers. When senior people occasionally step down, they get fresh insights into better ways of leading and giving direction."
~ Specops Hawke

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