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Supersonic F-104 Starfighter by Lockheed: Flight Training in the Starfighter

You'll strap into the rear cockpit of a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, the highest performance, single-engine jet fighter ever made. The F-104 is powered by a single General Electric J79-GE-11A engine capable of generating in excess of 17,000 lbs of thrust and exceeding Mach 2. In non-pilot terms, that's roughly equivalent to 36,000 horsepower, or more than the entire starting line-up at the Daytona 500.

The raw power of the Starfighter makes it the perfect flying platform to simulate the launch of a suborbital space plane. (Rocket scientists refer to the space planes as RLV's or Reusable Launch Vehicles).

The F-104's INCREDIBLE Thrust-To-Weight ratio enables it to sustain the sort of G-Forces that send your blood rushing to your feet and make you feel as though a giant gorilla is sitting on your chest. A typical training flight will expose you to a force or 5Gs or greater, a pull toward earth equal to five or more times your bodyweight. The Starfighter's aerobatic ability is showcased when the jet performs a series of parabolic arcs designed to simulate the zero-g of space.

Breaking the sound barrier is no problem for the supersonic Starfighter. If you feel the need for speed, there's no need to wait for a suborbital flight. The Starfighter can out-perform many current front line fighters, including the F-16 and F/A-18.

Lockheed Martin - Manufacturer of the F-104 Starfighter

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin
Designation: F-104 Starfighter
Nickname(s): Zipper, Zip 4
Crew: 2x TF-104G
Length: 54.80 ft (16.66m)
Height: 13.60 ft (4.09m)
Wing Span: 21.92 ft (6.36m)
Engine: 1x General Electric J79-GE-11
Thrust: 17,000 lbs
Horsepower: 36,000
Cruise Speed: 560 mph (852km/h)
Max. Speed: 1,450 mph (2,333km/h)
Rate of Climb: 54,000 ft per minute
Service Ceiling: 62,500 ft
Service Range: 1,100 miles
F-104 Starfighter diagram, front view
Starfighter F-104 flights
F-104 Starfighter diagram, top view

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