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Suborbital Space Flights
We've Got Space - Suborbital Space Flights

We now offer flights aboard
XCOR Aerospace's "Lynx" Rocketship

We're sorry! This program is no longer available.
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Reserve Your Seat on the Rocketplane Now

Reserve Your Space on The Rocketplane™ XP Now!

You've waited your whole life for this flight, and now the time has come to take the ride of a lifetime. Your day begins with a special breakfast and a brief photo shoot. Then you board the Rocketplane XP to begin a ride that will forever transform your life and your perception of Earth.

The Rocketplane XP begins down the runway at the Oklahoma Spaceport and lifts its wheels off the concrete. Taking off just like a conventional business jet, the XP climbs rapidly using its air-breathing engines. Within minutes, you reach an altitude of over 20,000 feet. At this point the pilot flips the switch to ignite the powerful rocket engine, pulling up into a nearly vertically climb. The rocket engine burns for approximately 70 seconds, accelerating XP to more than 3500ft/s.

Have Spaceplane Will Travel -, February 24, 2005
Public Space Travel: Building the Business Case -, February 16, 2006

As the engines cut off you feel the sensation of weightlessness as the vehicle soars up into space. Out the window is a spectacular view of Earth, a view that only a select group of people has ever seen before.

Within minutes you begin the descent. Under the load of several Gs pushing you down into your seat, you are on the roller coaster ride of all time. The XP's specially designed thermal protection system safely transfers away the heat reentry, slowing your descent.

As the Rocketplane slows and enters the lower atmosphere, the pilot restarts the jet engines and begins the final leg of the flight back to the spaceport and a conventional runway landing.

You return to the Oklahoma Spaceport and are greeted by family and friends eager to hear about your experience. Your day concludes with a reception and the honor of receiving your civilian astronaut wings.

Civilian Space Flight Training: Don't Leave Earth Without It
Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the 25th Annual International Space Development Conference
Los Angeles, CA, May 4-7, 2006

Space Tourism: From Lofty Dreams to Commercial Reality
Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 7 June 2006

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