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Suborbital Space Flights: Your Itinerary
We've Got Space - Suborbital Space Flights

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Sample Space Mission Itinerary

We're still putting the finishing touches on your incredible suborbital adventure. As we grow closer to our first flight, we'll be able to provide you with a more detailed itinerary of events. For now, here's how your adventure may look:

Rocketplane XPDay One
Arrive Oklahoma City. Met at the airport by a Rocketplane representative and escorted to your hotel. Evening free to relax.

Day Two
We'll start the day early with a breakfast orientation. By 8 am, you'll be onsite at our training facility, beginning a full day of educational sessions and hands-on simulator training. Your time in the altitude chamber is sure to be a highlight of the day. Real astronauts and cosmonauts spend months training on simulators to prepare for space missions. In four days, we'll give you a taste of that training. The day ends with dinner.

Day Three
The morning will be spent learning the same survival skills taught to real astronauts. The training will be intense but the focus will be on fun. After lunch, we'll depart for Burns Flat, the home of our Spaceport. You'll spend the afternoon touring the facility and meeting those who will help make your space flight dream come true. Accommodations will be arranged for you near the Spaceport.

Day Four
It's time to learn everything there is to know about the Rocketplane XP. Special Rocketplane XP simulators will be used to help prepare you for spaceflight. (Note.We know that nothing on earth can prepare you for the thrill of going suborbital, but we're going to do our best to get you ready for your incredible adventure.)

Day Five
It's another full day of simulations and training. You'll learn the history of spaceflight, the technology that makes it possible and how the Rocketplane XP's communication systems work during spaceflight. The final phase of your civilian astronaut spaceflight training is conducted in the air, high above Oklahoma. The day ends with a graduation ceremony. You'll have completed four full days of training exercises and be certified ready to fly.

Day Six
The big day has arrived. After a review of the Rocketplane XP's safety features and procedures, you'll buckle into your window seat and prepare for launch. You'll go where few have gone before..beyond the edge of space to where astronauts are made.

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