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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
NOVEMBER 2015 - Issue 2
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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The Highest You Can Fly Today

Winter is a great time to fly a MiG with Incredible

Rocket Toward Space in the Cockpit of a MiG-29

High-Altitude Pressure Suit - Incredible Adventures MiG FlightRussia is currently the only place in the world where a doctor, stockbroker or school teacher can strap into a legendary supersonic fighter jet and climb so high the sky appears black above and blue below.  No flying or military experience is necessary. 

Virtually anyone can fly a MiG with Incredible Adventures, as long as basic height, weight and health qualifications are met and there is sufficient time to obtain the necessary security clearance.Through a special arrangement with the Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft Building Plant, Incredible Adventures can arrange flights for both pilots and non-pilots in as little as 60 days. 

The incredible MiG-29 performs best in a cold sky and can climb up to 20 km high in a winter weather month like January.  That's over 12 miles high and more than twice the January MiG Flight Landingheight of Mt Everest. 

See video of a January MiG flight landing here.

Participants are fitted for a high-altitude pressure suit, which is worn beneath a provided flight suit.  The airbase also provides boots, gloves and heavy flight jackets, insuring comfort and warmth during each winter-weather journey to the edge of space. (Custom-made, personalized flight suits are available for an added charge.)

The view from the
edge of space.The most popular flight option offered by Incredible Adventures is a five day, four night edge of space adventure including a supersonic flight, edited video, luxury hotel accommodations, guided tours and private transfers.  Custom itineraries are quoted upon request.

If you'd like to start 2016 off with afterburners blazing, email Greg or call 800-644-7382.  You can view photos of some of our recent MiG flyers on our website.

Special Preview - Covert Ops SD

Covert Ops SD - An Incredible Adventure

Spend an Intense, Action-Packed Day Training Where the Real Guys Do

We're excited to introduce Covert Ops SD, the newest addition to our catalog of extreme military adventures. Spend an incredible day training at the same facility used by over 700,000 military personnel to prepare for deployment.  The top-secret location near Covert Ops SD -
an Incredible AdventureSan Diego combines the special effects, sets, props and equipment of the movie industry with expert instruction to provide ultra-realistic training scenarios. You'll learn what it's like to operate in a war zone from Veteran US Navy SEALS.

See a video preview here.

Special introductory price is $1950 per person for a full-day training mission, including lunch. Gift certificates are available.  This adventure is so new, it's not yet on our website, so for more information, call 800-644-7382 or email.

February Dates Added - Covert Ops Miami

Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure

Two-Day Training Missions Set for February 7&8 and 21&22

Incredible Adventures has added a second two-day Covert Ops Counter Terror Training Adventure for February, a popular month to visit the Miami area.  Participants should plan to arrive in time for a Friday night briefing and depart Monday morning.  The $2950 per person price includes expert instruction, use of equipment, lots of ammo, hotel accommodations and select meals.  The live ammo Covert Ops Two-Day Brochurefirearms training included in the program is extensive and meets the requirements for a Florida-issued concealed weapons permit.

Lead instructor Garret Machine is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force's elite "Duvdevan" unit and has a Master's Degree in Homeland Security and Counter Terror Warfare. You can learn more about Duvdevan, Israeli's equivalent to the US Army's Delta Force, in this online article.

Gift certificates are available and private missions can be scheduled for groups of four or more.  Call 800-644-7382 to learn more.

Things Wear Out, Memories Last Forever

Buy Someone a Shark Adventure

Buy a Memory for Someone On Your List This Year

Incredible Adventures offers gift certificates and gift cards designed to make your holiday shopping easy.  Some adventure gifts can now be purchased online, while others can be purchased by simply giving us a call at 800-644-7382.  (You can view our online holiday catalog here. ) If we can help you find the perfect memory-making adventure for someone on your list, be sure to let us know.

Buy an Adventure for Someone You Love

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All


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