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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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A Sharky Year Expected

San Francisco Newspapers Tell of Early Sightings and Predict Active Season

In July, a California man's attempt to make a marathon 30 mile swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallones was cut short when a great white shark was spotted swimming near him.

Read the news article here.

Book your great white shark adventure with Incredible AdventuresAn article written by Tom Stienstra and published in the San Francisco Chronicle August 16 states:

"In the next two months, all the factors seem aligned for increased chances of great white shark encounters and attacks off the Bay Area coast."

Mr. Stienstra goes on to write, "For years, based on estimates in the ’90s, we assumed there were about 200 to 400 great white sharks at any one time off the Bay Area coast, and in turn, the state listed them as a protected species. A recent study by 10 scientists, published in a scientific journal, says there are now more like 2,400 great white sharks off the Bay Area coast."

Read the rest of the article here.

Our 2015 California shark diving season gets underway Saturday, October 3 and continues on select weekend dates through November 14. Online booking is now available through a new partnership with Zozi.

Cage divers pay $825 and topside observers pay $475 for an all-day adventure that departs from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. 

MiG Flyer Quote of the Month

"The experience was GREAT! If I win the lotto I will be doing it again!"  - N.D.

Skydive Everest Twice for an Incredible Price

Skydive Everest with Incredible Adventures and Explore HimalayaThere's never been a better time to Skydive Everest.  This year, we've dropped the tandem skydive price by $10,000 AND added a bonus jump.  No kidding! Join us in 2015 and you can make a second extreme Everest Skydive for no additional cost and you'll pay $10,000 less than the price listed on our website.

Our incredible Everest Skydives will once again be made from a helicopter. You'll jump from an approximate altitude of 26,000 feet and land at Syanboche, one of the highest drop zones in the world.

Skydive Everest with Incredible Adventures and Explore HimalayaContact us soon to be part of this very special annual skydiving event. The dates of this year's Everest Skydive Adventure are October 31 to November 9.

The adventure price includes expert jump training, use of equipment, trekking services, lodging and most meals.  (If you're an experienced skydiver, there is good news for you, too. The cost to solo jump in 2015 has dropped from $25,000 to $18,000.)

View Incredible Everest Skydive Video Here

Call or email today for more information. prior skydiving experience is necessary.

Special note: We're taking advance reservations for the 2016 Everest Skydive Event. If you can't join us this year, but want to be on the roster for 2016, let us know.

Skydive Pokhara with the Everest Jump Team

Skydive Pokhara or
Everest with Incredible AdventuresAt the conclusion of the Everest Skydive Event, our jump team moves on to another great mountain location for a few days of "standard altitude" skydiving surrounded by amazing mountain scenery.  Dates for this year's add-on Pokhara Skydive Adventure are November 12th - November 15th.

A Pokhara Skydive Adventure sells for $6000 and includes two tandem jumps or three solo jumps. Call 800-644-7382 for details.

View Incredible Pokhara Skydive Video Here

Take Your Employees to the Sharks

Book a Great White Shark Adventure for your group with Incredible Adventures

A great white shark adventure with Incredible Adventures aboard the Derek M Baylis makes an incredible corporate event. Call 800-644-7382 to arrange a private charter.

Incredible Adventures Inc is on Facebook. Please Like Us


Sign Up for a Covert Mission Near Miami

Covert Ops
Counter Terror TrainingJoin us for two intense days of realistic counter-terrorism training. Covert Ops Instructor Garret Machine is a veteran of an elite undercover unit of the Israeli Defense Force.

Our two-day military adventures near Miami traditionally begin with a Friday night briefing and include two full days of intense expert Counter Terrorism training, three nights of hotel lodging, airport transfers and most meals. The cost is $2950 per person.

Groups of four or more can schedule a private training mission.

Covert Ops

Call 800-644-7382 for the next available training date.

From Montana to Moscow
in a DC-3

Fly a DC-3 in Florida with Incredible Adventures

Our Florida-based DC-3 pilot is away on an incredible flying adventure, but he'll be back to flying IA clients in his incredible plane soon.

Frank and his son are two of the pilots involved in a historic flight commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and the Lend-Lease program. They've just flown a DC-3/C-47 from Montana to Siberia and on to Moscow.

From 1945 to 1949, the US and Soviet Union secretly ferried over 8000 warplanes from Great Falls, Montana to Krasnoyarsk,Russia as part of a "Lend-Lease" program. Aircraft flown to Russia years ago by American and Russian pilots included the T-6 Texan, B-25 Mitchell, P-40 Warhawk and C-47 Skytrain, also known as a DC-3.

The Bravo 369 Flight Foundation organized the incredible flying adventure following the route of the Lend-Lease planes. You can read more at

The classic aircraft and pilots will be appearing at this month's MAKS Airshow outside Moscow...the same airshow IA's Greg Claxton will be attending with MiG alumni. 

If you're a pilot interested in flying the DC-3, let us know. We can arrange everything from introductory flights to complete pilot-in-command training.  Call 800-644-7382.

Cool Space Training in Florida

weightless over Florida with Incredible Adventures space training

Our Florida-based zero-gravity plane is getting a brand new air conditioning system so you'll stay nice and cool when you float, fly and flip through the air. The aircraft upgrade will be completed in time for September weightless flights.

Our spaceflight training center is located near Tampa, Florida.  Personal zero-gravity training flights start at $2500 per person.  Group and corporate training adventures can be arranged. Call or email for more information.

View our Zero Gravity Flight Brochure
Go to 60,000 in 60 Days

Fly a MiG to the Edge of Space with Incredible Adventures

If you want to climb 60,000 feet up in less than 60 seconds, you need to give us 60 days.  All MiG-29 flights in Russia must be reserved at least 60 full days in advance. Contact us today and we can have you flying high at the end of October. Remember...MiG flights are available all year long.  Fall and Winter are great times to fly a MiG over Russia.

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

Call us. We Love to Talk Adventure!


Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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