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Adventure News from Incredible Adventures
SEPTEMBER 2015 - Issue 3
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Size Matters in San Francisco

Cage Diving in
San Francisco with Incredible Adventures

You Provide the Numbers and We'll Provide the Wetsuit

If you want to cage dive among the world's biggest white sharks, you'll need to bundle up in the warmest wetsuit available. The waters near San Francisco's Farallon Islands are icy cold during peak shark viewing months of October and November, just the way the sharks like it.  Even wearing one of the heaviest wetsuits made, you'll likely be ready to hit the deck for a cup of hot something after 20 or 30 minutes. (Don't worry. After you warmBook your great white shark adventure with Incredible Adventures up, you can dive back in.)

Lucky for you, our $825 cage diving price includes the rental of one of our 7mm wetsuits.  All you need to do is provide us with your correct height, weight and shoe size and we'll have a wetsuit in the proper size, plus hood and dive boots, waiting for you when you arrive at the dock.  (If you shave 10 pounds off your weight, it might take three crew members to squeeze you into the wetsuit we've pulled from our storage unit.) We carry suits from size XS to XXXXL and in short, medium and tall sizing, so we can accommodate just about everyone.

Incredible Adventures takes a maximum of 12 cage divers on each trip.  Divers rotate in and out of the cage at 20 to 30 minute intervals to insure no one gets too cold and everyone gets plenty of cage time. During their time on deck, cage divers can warm up with provided hot coffee, tea and soup and fuel up on a variety of snacks and breakfast and lunch items.

Shark diving season in San Francisco is October 3 til November 14. Trips depart from San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. The cost to join a trip, but not cage dive, is $475.

Incredible Adventures is excited to have the 65 ft Derek M Baylis as its shark boat this season. The offshore research and education sailing vessel is also used by the Sanctuary's long time shark researchers. For more information, email or call 800-644-7382.

Check availability and book online here.

Tour Like a VIP, Train Like a Cosmonaut

Train like a cosmonaut with Incredible

Go Behind the Gates of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center

Spend an incredible day at Star City,  home of the Russian Space Agency's cosmonaut training program.  Our newest "Cosmonaut for a Day" adventure includes a private, hands-on tour of some of the actual training simulators used to prepare cosmonauts and visiting astronauts for a trip off the planet.  The cost is just $3500 and includes transfers from central Moscow, translator services, vestibular training and Sokol space suit training. 

Sokol is the suit worn inside the capsule. Orlan space suit training can be arranged for an additional cost. To remember which suit is worn where, it may help to remember Orlan starts with "o" and so does "outside".

Cosmonaut for a Day adventures are available all year long, but must be scheduled at least 35 days in advance of your desired training date.  Incredible Adventures can arrange hotel accommodations, tours and additional services, upon request.

For more information, email Greg or call 800-644-7382.

Share Your Memories

Greg Claxton in a MiG-25 - Incredible Adventures Memories

Help Us Celebrate Our 22nd Year Making Dreams Come True By Sharing Memories of Your Incredible Adventure

In October of 1993, Incredible Adventures, then known as MIGS etc, sent its very first customer to fly a MiG over Russia. Our high-flying jet at that time was the MiG-25 Foxbat.  When word got out that we were helping the airbase raise money for its flight programs by selling MiG rides to tourists, we were approached by representatives of the Russian Space Agency and asked to find clients for their space training programs.  We arranged our very first zero-gravity flight aboard the Russian Space Agency's IL-76 MDK aircraft in February of 1994.  Next came Russian tank driving and small arms shooting.  Then, an Italian sales agent drafted us to help find Video of Our Early Years - Incredible Adventures/MIGS
etccustomers for desert adventures Tunisia. By the end of 1995, we were offering so many incredible adventures, the "etc." in our original name couldn't hold them all, so on January 1, 1996, we officially became Incredible Adventures.

There's a page on the Incredible Adventures website devoted to the company's early years.  We've posted old photos and news articles and a link to a fun TV piece that aired on "NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw".

It's been an incredible ride!  We could fill an entire book with our stories of adventures and adventurers, but we don't know YOUR story.  If you've completed one of our incredible adventures in the last 22 years, we'd love for you to share your memories with us


Real Photos That Don't Look Real

Dive with the
White Sharks of Isla Guadalupe

Guadalupe is the Best Place to Go for Great White Shark Photos

The above, completely unedited photo, was sent to us by a recent shark diver.  She and her husband saw more than 20 white sharks during their five-day trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer.  They had such an incredible adventure, they are planning to return with friends, to dive again.

Our sighting success rate at Isla Guadalupe is currently 100%, thanks to clear blue water, extended dive time and the ability to use scent attractants. This makes Guadalupe the best place to go to see and photograph white sharks.

We are now taking reservations for 2016 and 2017 expeditions aboard the MV Solmar, Nautilus Explorer and Nautilus Belle Amie.  Pricing starts at $3145 per person.

Here's a bit of shark trivia to chomp on:  The white sharks at Isla Guadalupe are not as big as the white sharks at San Francisco's Farallon Islands.

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All


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