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Cool Stuff: Covert Ops, Spec Ops, Urban Ops

Books: Spycraft and Counter-terrorism - Video/DVD
Best/Worst Action Movies
- Spy Games - Wallpaper - More Cool Stuff

BOOKS & DVDs by GARRET MACHINE - Covert Ops Counter Terror Adventure

Israeli Security Concepts: A Comprehensive Guide For Selecting Training And Deploying A Security Team For Installation And Personnel Protection

Combat First Aid A Citizen's Guide to Treating Battlefield Injury with Garret Machine DVD

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The Mako Group, headquartered in Farmingdale, New York, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of unique weapon accessories, holsters, and EOD and breaching products to Special Forces units, military, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams and security organizations. Our innovative product selection is driven directly by our customers' specific needs. In addition to rigorous laboratory tests, our products have been tested under fire by elite professionals: our customers.


Books - Spycraft & Counter Terrorism

Mikoyan Mig-29 Fulcrum: Multi-Role FighterThe Ultimate Spy Book by Melton, Colby & Kolugin

Historian H. Keith Melton is a specialist in 20th-century espionage; he's also quite a fan of espionage gadgetry. Both interests make strong showings in this heavily illustrated glimpse into the shadowy world of modern spying. Melton examines the role of clandestine intelligence in revolutionary Russia and Nazi Germany, analyzes modern spy rings, and profiles a number of important figures in the demimonde of spooks, among them British code breaker Alan Turing and Yugoslav double agent Dusan Popov. He also showcases some astonishing hardware, ranging from suitcase radios to shirt button microphones and mechanical pencil pistols.

The Counter-Terrorism Handbook : Tactics, Procedures, and Techniques by Frank Bolzstols (Hardcover)

The Counter-Terrorism Handbook guides law enforcement as well as industrial and private security personnel through terrorism situations or potential threats such as bomb threats, hostage situations, kidnapping, and negotiations. Info grouped by chronological sequence: pre-incident- the background, planning, and preparation in anticipation of such episodes; incident-terrorist situations such as kidnapping, bombing, and hostage taking as they unfold; and post-incident-the handling of terrorist incidents once they have been completed, including the ranking officers' roles in supervising police response.

Spies: The Secret Agents Who Changed the Course of HistorySpies: The Secret Agents Who Changed the Course of History by Ernest Volkman

Profiles of 45 of this century's most notable agents, assets, sleepers, spymasters, and moles. Includes the famous, infamous, and the all-but-forgotten, from "serious" spies like Ian Fleming and Kim Philby to Ernest Hemingway, W. Somerset Maugham, and Mata Hari.


Three Covert Ops instructors voted for their choices for the best and worst action adventure movies.


The Day of the jackal - DVD and VHSRonin with Robert DeNiroClear and Present Danger starring Harrison FordThe Ipcress File starring Michael Caine

DVDThe Day of the Jackal
Starring Edward Fox - This is the original, not the awful remake with Bruce Willis VHS version

Starring Robert DeNiro - Good tactics, great driving, fewer blatant mistakes than most movies

DVDClear and Present Danger
Starring Harrison Ford - Pay particular attention to the vehicle ambush and assassination scene. Also the sniper training.

DVDThe Ipcress File
Starring Michael Caine - Some of the best intelligence tradecraft on film.

The Peacemaker starring George ClooneyThe Spy Who Came In from the Cold starring Richard BurtonFrom Russia with Love starring Sean ConneryThe French Connection starring Gene Hackman

DVDThe Peacemaker
Starring George Clooney - Good overall tactics, realistic attitudes, good driving until the end of the scene.

DVDThe Spy Who Came In from the Cold
Starring Richard Burton - The all time classic of intelligence thrillers

DVDFrom Russia with Love
Starring Sean Connery - The last James Bond movie before he became a super hero.

DVDThe French Connection
Starring Gene Hackman - Worth seeing just for the incredible driving scene, also shots of the Marseille waterfront

The Package starring Gene HackmanUncommon Valor starring Gene HackmanAir America starring Mel GibsonBullitt

DVDThe Package
Starring Gene Hackman - In the opening scene he is a member of Dennis' and Nick's old unit in Berlin (COVERT OPS instructors).

DVDUncommon Valor
Starring Gene Hackman (notice a trend here?) - Captures the Special Forces experience as good as any movie

DVDAir America
Starring Mel Gibson - Stupid plot about drugs, but captures the silly side of the Southeast Asian experience

Starring Steve McQueen - This classic set the standard for action driving scenes

AND THE LOSERS ARE: (Watch to see how not to do things!):

Starring Sylvester Stallone - The silliest movie about terrorism ever made!

Passenger 57
Starring Wesley Snipes - Frequent teaching point on how not to handle a hijacking situation

Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino - Actually a good movie about how the police totally mishandled a hostage situation

Day of the Jackal
Starring Bruce Willis - How to take a classic and turn it into an exercise in foolishness
And... Any movie with Steven Seagal, any one of the Rambo trilogy and old reruns of the A-Team - need we say more?


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Covert Ops EssentialsWinback Covert Operations for Nintendo 64Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn for Play Station
Click on the game for more info, or to order from Amazon

Wallpaper: Free Download
Note: Thank you to our friend Russell West for his designs

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