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Adventure News - October 2010 - Birthday Edition

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We're The Same Age as Our High School Intern

In October 1993, we Incredible Adventures has been in business for 17 years.arranged our very first MiG flight in Russia.  Back then, we answered to the name MIGS etc and people thought our ads in the Wall Street Journal were a joke. (Obviously they didn't know the price of a Wall Street Journal ad.) They found it hard to believe that an American company could arrange a "joyride" in a Russian fighter jet.

Incredible Adventures started as MIGS etc in 1993.One of the first to book one of our "high performance flying holidays" was writer Peter Passell, whose adventure was chronicled in a December 1993 issue of the New York Times.  (You can read the story online here, but be sure to skip over the part where he mentions the price of his flight. We don't want you to be mad you didn't fly with us 17 years ago.) Joining him in Moscow was New York investment banker Sarah Davidson, who became our first female customer. Since then, we've arranged more than 2000 MiG flights.

In 1994, we arranged our very first zero-gravity flight with the Russian Space Agency and by 1996, we'd expanded our offerings to include so many different adventures, we needed a longer name. 

Visit our website to view the video slide show our high school intern Holly created in honor of our 17th birthday. Holly is 17 too, which means we've been making dreams come true as long as she's been alive. 

That Sound You Heard Was a Huge Sigh of Relief

This month, 10 prize winners from 10 different countries flew the MiG-29 to the edge of space in Russia. You have no idea how happy we were to see them leave Russia.

For months, we've been holding our breath, fearing something unexpected might keep them from flying. Thankfully, we worried for nothingIntel Prizewinner flies MiG-29 to edge of space and ten happy people returned to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, The Philippines, Taiwan, India, Malyasia, India and South Korea.

The winners were originally Intel Prizewinner flies a MiG with Incredible Adventuresscheduled to fly MiGs in August, but that plan went up in smoke. Literally. Massive wildfires broke out across Russia, filling the sky with smoke and forcing airports to close. Just days before they were to start flying, we had to cancel their trips and work quickly to reschedule everyone.

Each had to start the 60 day security clearance procedure all over again. Hotel reservations, plane tickets and train tickets had to be changed and new travel visas had to be obtained. 

With help from Intel, our Intel Prizewinner Flies a MiGfriends at Adrenaline Australia and our great partners at Sokol Airbase, we did what had to be done and delivered 10 incredible adventures.

Intel has also created a special Facebook page where you can read comments from the prizewinners and view their photos and video clips. You can also find photos of the lucky 10 on our website.

It Was a NICE Zero-Gravity Adventure

Group completes space adventure with Incredible Adventures.In September, we welcomed a group from Polish company NICE to Florida. They completed a custom zero-gravity and space training adventure with Incredible Adventures and Aurora Aerospace. The corporate event was arranged in cooperation with our long-time agent in Poland. 

If you'd like to experience weightlessness aboard your very own private zero-g flight, give us a call or send us an email. The cost is just $2500.


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A Great Day at the Beach

Dive With Tiger Sharks and Lemon SharksEarlier this month, Incredible Adventures arranged a private Bahamas shark adventure for a German Television crew.  The day couldn't have been more perfect.

We're not kidding when we say the underwater video they shot is incredible.  A record number of sharks approached the divers. (Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to see it until after their show airs in January and the video is posted online.) 

Jillian Morris, head of IA's Bahamas Shark Adventures, counted over 20 lemon sharks and two huge tiger Dive Tiger Beach with Incredible Adventuressharks. The TV crew originally planned to spend two days filming, but got all the shark footage they needed in just a few hours.

If you'd like to make a shark dive in the Bahamas with Jillian, call or email. The cost is $875 per person to cage dive or $375 to view topside.  Our next scheduled Bahamas Shark Adventure is Saturday, November 27th. Private dive trips can also be arranged.

Everest Skydive A Success

Skydive Everest with Incredible Adventures

Don't let your age stop you from an incredible adventure. Klaus Gachter is in his 70's and just Skydived Everest. He had so much fun, he's already planning to return to Nepal next October.

See incredible photos from his trek in Nepal and skydive on his personal website.  Jump photos are here and trek photos are here.

Before he heads back to the Himalayas though, Klaus will be heading to South Africa.  He emailed from Nepal to book a spot on the Sardine Run.  The annual sardine migration along the coast of South Africa is considered one of the premier dive events in the world. 

The Sardine Run takes place each June and July and used to be open to advanced divers only.  Now, non-divers are welcome too. For more information, visit our website.

The next Everest Skydive is scheduled for October 2011. No prior skydiving experience is required. Both tandem and solo jumps are offered.

Top Gun 2 Rumors

Top Gun sequel rumored to be planned.Entertainment websites are reporting that "Top Gun" Director Tony Scott has signed on to direct a sequel to the 1986 hit movie.  No word yet on who will star in "Top Gun 2".

You can star in your own version of the 1986 hit now. Our Fly a Fighter Jet with Incredible AdventuresHollywood Top Gun Adventure puts you at the controls of a real fighter jet while cameras roll.

Perform loops, rolls and more in the incredible L-39. Pricing starts at $2950 and includes raw production footage. Professional editing is available for an additional fee. Call or email for additional details.

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