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Adventure News - February 2011 - Valentine Edition

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Alice and the Backseat Backhoe Driver

Alice has a Hard Hat AdventureAlice booked her first incredible adventure with us back in 1999, when she journeyed to Moscow to experience zero-gravity at Star City. This week, she was in Sarasota, Florida to experience a custom two-day Hard Hat Adventure.

The occasion called for an office field trip. Even Holly, our high school intern, got a special pass from school to tag along. We thought it'd be neat for her to see someone's dream coming true.

Alice has wanted to drive construction equipment for years. Other women spend their retirement years gardening or taking up golf. Alice tinkers around with the remote controlled excavator she built herself. 

Jason coaches Alice in the driving of an excavator.At the end of day one, Alice declared the adventure to be "as real as it gets" and something everyone should try. She did have one complaint though. She joked that her driving instructor Jason, was a bit of a "backseat backhoe driver". 

Alice was a natural and didn't need a lot of coaching.  We're not sure the same thing can be said for IA's own Sheri and Greg.  Click here to see a clip of Sheri doing a little excavator bowling.

If you'd like to experience your own Hard Hat Adventure, let us know. It's great dirty fun!

It's a Girl

Croatian Woman Wins Flight Aboard LynxThat's the big news out of Croatia this week. A winner has finally been announced in a promotion sponsored by Generali Insurance. The lucky woman will be one of the first to experience a high-altitude flight aboard XCOR's Lynx Rocketship.

See video of the big announcement made before a hockey game earlier this week. You can read a story about the promotion here, if you happen to read Croatian.

To learn more about the XCOR Lynx, visit our website. We're now taking reservations for flights up to 200,000 feet high. The $95,000 price includes all necessary pre-flight training.  For complete details, send us an email.

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Love is in the Water

Duncan and Jill on a shark research tripThe two marine biologists met on a tiger shark dive she was leading. Now, when she isn't overseeing Bahamas tiger shark adventures for Incredible Adventures, Jillian travels the world with Duncan, filming undersea wonders and working with sharks.

Duncan popped the question while standing in a very cold ocean last November. Now, they're trying to win the ocean-themed wedding of their dreams. 

You can help. The two are entered in "The Ultimate Wedding Challenge" sponsored by retailer Crate & Barrel.  Your vote for Jillian and Duncan on the Crate & Barrel website can help them win a wedding on Grand Bahama Island where our tiger shark adventures take place. Their dream event includes guests swimming with dolphins and snorkeling with sharks. To see their contest entry and register your vote for Jillian and Duncan, click here.

If you'd like to cage dive with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas, contact us. Our next trip is February 26.

(They aren't the only ones to find love among sharks. Two of our San Francisco shark dive team members are busy planning their August wedding.)

Still Casting Human Weapons

Are you "The Assailant"?In our December newsletter, we wrote about Hawke's new Discovery Channel show "The Assailant".  The new reality show will pit "armies of one" against each other in extreme challenges requiring both physical and mental strength.

We just got a note from the company casting contestants for the new series. They still need lots of great (and deadly!) people and asked us to help spread the word.

So, if you're a human weapon and would like to be part of Hawke's latest TV project, contact Lauren Castle at Metal Flowers media.

Hawke and his wife Ruth are currently filming episodes for the next season of "Man, Woman, Wild". When he's not busy in front of the cameras, Hawke is available to lead custom SpecOps adventures for Incredible Adventures.) 

Date Changes are OK

The majority of our adventures are non-refundable, once purchased. That said, if you and your significant other split up between the time you purchase a program together and the big adventure, you're not completely out of luck.

Our adventures are fully transferable. So, if you want to bring a different date instead, that's perfectly fine with us. You just have to be the one to break the news to your ex.

It's happened. More than once.

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Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

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