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We're Getting Older

October is a very special month for Incredible Adventures. That's when we'll officially celebrate our 19th birthday.

Incredible Adventures is Celebrating 19 Years of 
DreamsWe arranged our first MiG flight over Russia in 1993.  In early 1994, our first zero-gravity flight aboard the Russian Space Agency's IL-76 MDK took place.

Over the years, adventures have come and gone, but our commitment to delivering one-of-a-kind dream adventures hasn't changed. 

For a look back at our early years, visit the special "Early Years" section of our website. You can view a great "NBC Nightly News" clip featuring legendary broadcaster Tom Brokaw, and more.

Fly Alaska to California The Incredible Way

Incredible Adventures and Airventures Alaska AdventureFlying from Anchorage to Sacramento on a commercial airliner can take anywhere from 7 to 10 hours, depending on your route and stops.

We recommend a flight that will get you from Alaska to California in 7 to 10 days.

Join Airventures Alaska Bush Pilot Casey Long in his specially-equipped Cessna 185 on an epic aerial journey.  Capture one-of-a-kind photos of Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest as you meet incredible people and experience amazing places.

Fly from Alaska to 
California in a Cessna - It's an Incredible AdventureFitted with 29" bush wheels, Casey's FAA-certified Alaska sightseeing plane can land places other planes can't. You'll land at a variety of small airstrips and some of Casey's favorite guest lodges.

This cross border flight will be made in two to four hour legs, with the final itinerary determined partly by the weather, scenery and you.

Only two people can join Casey on this unique "bush pilot" adventure. Pay roughly $5000 plus meals and lodging for a trip you'll never forget.

Casey plans to take off for California in mid-October, so if you're interested in being a part of this incredible adventure, let us know ASAP.

Star in Your Own Top Gun Movie

Fly an L-39 Jet Trainer - Make a Movie in a Fighter JetThere's been talk of a "Top Gun" sequel for years. You can continue to wait for another actor to play the role of fighter pilot, or you can cast yourself in the role and make your own short version of the classic film.

You can be the one strapping into the cockpit of a real fighter jet and performing MiG-chasing maneuvers. Let cameras capture the thrill and intensity of aerial combat on your face.

You're the star of our Hollywood Top Gun Adventure. We provide the experienced pilots and production team. Filming and flight packages start at $2950. A five hour aerial shoot with basic editing assistance sells for $16,000.

For more info, visit our website.  To receive a custom flight time quote, send us an email.

Buy Your Adventure Travel Insurance Through Incredible Adventures

There are all sorts of good reasons to buy travel insurance. To learn more about the adventure travel coverage available through Incredible Adventures, click here. It takes just minutes to get a free price quote. We don't travel without it and don't think you should either.

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2012 White Shark Dive Season Off to a Fin-tastic Start

This year's San Francisco dive season kicked off Saturday, September 22 with three white shark sightings. Each of the "opening day" sightings was made from the deck of our shark boat, the New Eldorado III. 

New Eldorado III Shark BoatOne of the day's cage divers called IA's shark boat "a sexy ride to brag about", so allow us to brag. He and his wife found the New Eldorado III to be "impressive" and much "grander" than they expected.

The New Eldorado III is a 55 ft luxury fast cat with a roomy and comfortable interior. There's cabin seating for 24. She's owned, operated and beautifully maintained by Captain Eddie Gallia of New Eldorado Sportfishing. (If you'd like to book a private fishing charter with Captain Eddie during your visit to San Francisco, let us know.)

While we can't guarantee you'll see sharks when you board the New Eldorado III for a shark expedition to the Farallones, opening weekend proved the sharks are there. Our incredible San Francisco shark team will do everything they legally can to increase your odds of seeing an incredible great white shark.

Space is still available on select October and November dates. Cage divers pay $875 and topside spots are available for $375. For more information, visit our website or contact us.

Dive Tiger Beach October 6

Sometimes Dive 
Tiger Beachthe best plans are last minute plans.  Book a last-minute flight or ferry to Freeport and you can be diving with Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas next weekend. We've still got a few dive spots left on our October 6th trip to Tiger Beach.

Our trips depart from Old Bahama Bay Marina on the West End of Grand Bahama Island.  No dive experience is required. The cost to cage dive is $875 and topside shark viewers pay $375. Contact Sheri ASAP if you'd like to see big sharks in the Bahamas.

Fly the Paper Version

Make a paper jet then fly a real one.Build your own paper fighter jet. Fly it around your office or living room. Free instructions are available for download on our website.  Make a paper MiG-29, MiG-25 and L-39.

(If you'd rather fly a real one, give us a call. We offer incredible flights in the MiG-29 and L-39.  No pilot's license is required.)

Cross the Everglades By Balloon

Extreme Skydives with SteigerRide the wind over Florida's legendary swampland. IA's extreme balloon pilot Steiger is finalizing plans for a late October Everglades Crossing.

Join him and see Florida as no tourist or local ever has before. For details, send us an email.

When he's not off earning a place in the record books, Steiger and his balloons are available for extreme skydiving, film and television shoots, corporate events and custom adventure flights.

800-644-7382  ~  941-346-2603

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