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MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Rare Mid-October Flight Opportunity

Incredible Adventures and Airventures Alaska AdventureSpend 7 to 10 days flying from Alaska to California with popular Airventures Alaska Bush Pilot Casey Long in his specially-equipped Cessna 185.  Take along a camera and capture one-of-a-kind aerial and ground photos of Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest. This adventure begins in Anchorage, Alaska and ends in Sacramento, CA, but it's not the destination that counts. It's the journey.

Fly from Alaska to California in a Cessna - It's an Incredible AdventureFitted with 29" bush wheels, Casey's FAA-certified Alaska sightseeing plane can land places other planes can't. You'll stop at a variety of great guest lodges and small airstrips along the way, meeting great people and enjoying local sights.

See the country from a small plane with Incredible Adventures.This cross border flight will be made in two to four hour legs, with the final itinerary determined partly by the weather, scenery and you. Plans include a stop in Whitehorse, Yukon and at the top-rated Echo Valley Guest Ranch and Spa in British Columbia, plus stops in Seattle and Portland.

Only two people can join Casey on this unique "bush pilot" adventure.  Pay roughly $5000 plus meals and lodging for a trip you'll never forget.

Casey takes off mid-October, so if you're interested, let us know soon and we'll put you in touch with him.

It's Great White Shark Season in San Francisco

Dive with Great White Sharks in San Francisco with Incredible AdventuresCage dive with great white sharks off the coast of California.  San Francisco's Farallon Islands are known to be one of the best places in the world to view great white sharks.

You don't have to be a certified diver to get into our shark cage, but you do need to hurry.  Peak Great White shark viewing season in the Farallones is very short and trips sell out in advance. The first trip of the 2012 season is September 22 and our last trip is set for November 18.

Cage dive with Incredible Adventures. See sharks.Great white sharks migrate to the Farallones each year to feed on the local seal population. The islands lie within the protected waters of the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. IA's expeditions are conducted according to the terms of a permit issued by the Sanctuary.

Our 55ft shark boat departs from San Francisco's popular Fisherman's Wharf. Shark lovers are accompanied to the Farallones by an incredible team of trained naturalists and dive professionals.

The $875 dive price includes the use of a wetsuit, hood, weight belt, booties and gloves. (All divers need to supply is a snorkel mask.) Those content to view sharks from the deck pay just $375.  Food and beverages are provided.

If you'd like to book a dive with great whites this year, contact us ASAP at 800-644-7382.

Our "Other Business"

/hollywood-top-gun.htmlWe're getting a reputation in the film and television industry. Companies are discovering Incredible Adventures to be a valuable partner in the production of everything from reality TV to music videos and internet commercials.  Incredible Adventures can arrange access to fighter jets, submersibles, fast boats and more. Members of our Adventure Team are available to assist behind-the-scenes or appear as on-screen talent.

We get the most requests for "our" L-39 fighter jets based in Los Angeles. You can make a commercial or short movie in a real fighter jet for as little as $2950 plus editing fees. (Here's a link to a recent commercial shot in the L-39.)

One of our newer camera platforms is "our" hot air balloon.  A hot air balloon can fly in places and at altitudes other aircraft can't.

If you're seeking great video in the sky or under the sea, give us a call at 800-644-7382 or send us an email.

Warm and Happy

Fly a MiG this winter and stay warm in a flight jacket.Don't let all those pictures of people in fur hats fool you. It doesn't get any colder in Russia in the winter than it does in Chicago or New York.  You shouldn't let the thought of snow and cold keep you from flying a MiG over Russia this winter.

The MiG-29 actually performs best and flies highest in cooler weather.  If you book an edge of space flight for one of Russia's winter months, you're likely to fly higher than if you fly in July.

When you fly a MiG-29 in Russia, airbase staff will insure you're appropriately dressed for the weather. You'll wear the same flight suits, flight jackets, boots and gloves provided to Russian test pilots.

If you'd like to know how you can fly a MiG-29 over Russia this winter, give Greg a call or send him an email. Keep in mind it takes at least 60 days to obtain the necessary security clearance. 

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Exciting Change to October's Everest Skydive

Skydive Everest with Incredible AdventuresThere's been an exciting change in plans. Instead of skydiving from an airplane as jumpers have done in the past, this year's Everest Skydivers will be leaping from a helicopter.  

The use of high flying helicopters will allow Everest Skydivers to get even closer to Everest and land at even higher drop zones. The change means this year's Everest Skydivers will be exiting from a lower altitude than originally planned, but be making additional jumps.

When asked about the change, Everest Skydive Chief Tandem Master Tom Noonan had this to say:

Everest with Incredible Adventures"The heli will be a new and exciting event that will allow clients to do something never done before in the Himalayas. This year is going to be amazing."

There's still time to be part of this year's Incredible Everest Skydive Adventure.  Tandem jumpers pay $35,000 and solo jumpers pay $25,000 for a multi-day mountain adventure that includes guided trekking, lodging, most meals and expert jump services.

If you'd like to be part of Skydive Everest 2013, send us an email or give us a call at 941-346-2603.

We've Got Space in Russia for You

Train for Space at Star City Russia with 
Incredible AdventuresSpend an incredible day or more inside Russia's Yuri Gagarin Astronaut Training Center.  See, touch and use the same simulators used to prepare Russian cosmonauts for a trip to the International Space Station.

Choose from a variety of hands-on training options.  Pricing starts at just $2500 and there is no extra charge to bring along a friend.

To receive a custom space adventure quote, call or email Greg today. An overview of training options can be downloaded here.

Adventure Team News

Steiger is IA's extreme hot air balloon pilotIA's resident balloon stunt pilot Steiger will be flying skydivers at the annual MOAB Boogie in Moab, Utah, September 27-30.  If you'd like to make a solo or tandem skydive from Steiger's balloon, let us know.

In October, he plans to head to Florida, to balloon across the Everglades. A crossing of such magnitude requires incredible planning and intimate knowledge of the area's wind patterns and terrain. You can join Steiger on this daring trip across gator-filled swamps. Contact us for details.

Mykel HawkeHawke has been busy filming a new TV show for the Outdoor Channel, set to begin airing in November.   The man behind our Specops adventures is the host of Elite Tactical Unit, a competition show featuring special weapons and tactics teams going head-to-head as they complete missions.

Jillian Morris teaches children about shark conservation.Jillian has been speaking to school children about sharks and the need to protect them. You can read about some of her sharky adventures on her blog, "The Adventures of Shark Girl". She'll be back on Grand Bahama Island October 6, to lead our next tiger shark adventure.  If you'd like to dive Tiger Beach with Jillian this October, contact us.

Go Undercover in December

Covert Ops 
Miami is an Incredible AdventureSpend four incredibly intense days training with former Israeli Special Forces operative Garret Machine. Our Covert Ops Counter Terrorism Adventure in Miami lets you experience what it's like to be a member of an elite counter terrorism team. The training is real, but the mission is hard core fun.

Our next mission is set for December 6-9. The $3995 price includes expert instruction, equipment use, ammo, lodging and most meals.  For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 800-644-7382.

800-644-7382  ~  941-346-2603

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