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JUNE 2017 - Issue 2
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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We Love Hearing from Happy Flyers

World Cup Visits Russia in 2018

DC-3 Flight Over Atlanta is an Awesome Experience

"Family and friends recently shared an awesome experience of riding in a DC-3 hosted by Jim Sells. Jim's gracious welcome and informative introduction to the plane and its history was compelling.

We enjoyed a sunset flight from south of Atlanta to Stone Mountain which we circled twice. The flight was smooth and has given us a lasting memory and a greater appreciation of aviation history.

Jim's competence as pilot and educator ranks a 10++. The experience should be on everyone's bucket list."

~ Jackie and Jimmy

If you'd like to schedule a DC-3 flight near Atlanta, give us a call or send us an email. Incredible Adventures offers DC-3 rides, introductory flight instruction and complete SIC and PIC training. Special group flights can be arranged for special celebrations.



Dive With Sharks in a Very Spooky Place

Attend MAKS Airshow in Moscow with Incredible Adventures
in July

San Francisco's Farallon Islands are Known as "The Devil's Teeth"

There's only one place in the US where you can cage dive with adult great white sharks and it's a place unlike any other. Each year, sharks migrate to the waters around San Francisco's Farallon Islands to feed on the local seal population.  Peak shark viewing season at the Farallones is from late September through mid-November.

If you want to know more about this special and spooky place, we suggest picking up a copy of Susan Casey's book "Devil's Teeth".The author spent time living alongside white shark researchers at the islands.

We're now taking cage dive reservations for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. No dive experience is necessary. Book online, or call us for more info.


Our Favorite Moscow Hotel Serves an Incredible Breakfast

Corvette Racing School Adventures from Incredible

Fly a MiG Over Russia with Incredible Adventures and Stay at the Historic Hotel Metropol

There are now several beautiful hotels in Moscow, but our favorite is the city's oldest hotel.The Hotel Metropol was the first hotel in all of Russia to earn a five-star rating and is known for its incredible architecture and classic furnishings. The Metropol is located just steps from Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi and St Basil's and has hosted kings, queens and celebrities from around the globe. The hotel's buffet breakfast, served in the historic grand ballroom, is an experience in itself.

We include a stay at the legendary Hotel Metropol in all our deluxe Top Gunski MiG-29 adventures, but if you'd like to stay somewhere else, all you need to do is ask.

Ready to fly a MiG over Russia? Call us today at 800-644-7382.

Watch the Video


Send Dad Shark Diving

Fly a MiG over Russia with Incredible Adventures

Cage Dive with Big Sharks in Bimini August 10th

Bimini is the island in the Bahamas closest to Florida and is known for its incredible diving. Incredible Adventures now offers shark cage diving adventures in this tropical paradise. Trips depart from the Bimini Big Game Resort.

Our next scheduled Bimini shark adventure is August 10th. Other dates are available for private charters. The cost is $875 per person and no dive experience is required.

See tiger sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks and bull sharks from the comfort of a floating shark cage.


Take The Scenic Route Down

World Oceans Day - Incredible Adventures

High Altitude - High Open (HAHO) Jumps Provide Maximum Time Under Canopy

Incredible Adventures offers both tandem HALO (High Altitude, Low Open) skydives and HAHO (High Altitude, High Open) jumps near Memphis. The two types of jumps serve very different purposes in the military.

HALO Jumps are designed to help troops get on the ground fast and avoid detection. Chutes are opened close to the ground, after a freefall that can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph. HAHO Jumps are made when troops need to avoid detection. They allow jumpers to exit an aircraft in one location and silently fly miles, under canopy, to a designated target.

Summer is a great time to experience a HALO or HAHO jump. No prior skydiving experience is required. We'll provide an experienced tandem master and all necessary equipment.

Pricing starts at $3695 for a two-day training and jump program. Call 800-644-7382 to learn more.

Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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