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Sniper Loft /Range Training facility in Phillipi WV

Formerly a full-service hospital and medical clinic, the training facility was procured to provide a discrete, secure and controlled training environment for specialized training scenarios. The training center is a real facility that allows your group to train in real-life scenarios. Through local government and law enforcement liaisons, various levels of coordination allow clients unique training opportunities. Examples of training scenarios may include, but are not limited to the following: Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Sniper/ Observer (S/O) Operations, Hostage Rescue, Target Analysis & Survey, Surveillance, Advanced Medical Trauma Scenarios, and Evasion & Survival.

Our training center allows the unique opportunity to be custom tailored to each clients training needs. The facility may be used in the fully supported role or in the unsupported role that is ready for self-training by the client.

In order to get the full effect of real-life training we use Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM). UTM enables duty weapons to fire environmentally friendly training ammunition. UTM Conversion Kits temporarily convert weapons to allow them to fire UTM training ammunition in both single and automatic fire modes. When a UTM Conversion Kit is installed, the host weapon is incapable of firing live ammunition. Safety is paramount!

Description of building: five story brick structure with over 120 rooms, working elevator, two stairwells, multiple entry/exits, operating room, lab, offices, patient rooms, and a training classroom with student lounge. There is parking in the front of the building as well as the rear of the building. The roof of the building is a mix of flat rubber and angled metal on different levels. There is a wooded nine acre hill on back side of facility. The facility is located in rural Philippi, West Virginia which has a patriotic population of 2,870.

The training classroom: contains, a DVD Player, multimedia projector/screen, easel, telephone, dry erase board and wireless Internet access. The classroom can be set up in multiple configurations ranging from: Classroom, Briefing Room, Debriefing Room, Tactical Operations Center, and many more scenario dependent configurations. Capacity of the classroom varies based on the configuration, but generally will hold 30 - 40 students.

Newmans Bottom Range: has almost 2 square kilometers of training area, within 4 miles of our training center, our range provides for many versatile training scenarios. The main shooting range has the capability for pistol, carbine, and shotgun training at distances from 10 meters to 500 meters.

Sugar Creek Lodging Facility: is on over 8 acres of secluded land with lodging for students and guests it is located approximately 6 miles from our training facility. Some of the accommodations include: lodging for up to 24 guests, conference/planning room, fitness room, kitchen, showers for up to 5 people at a time, 2 full bathrooms, tv lounge, kiosk computer with Internet, wireless Internet access, central air conditioning and 12' x 80' deck with gas grill

Your Supervisors and Trainers: We are focused on "Real-World", hands on training par to today's modern tactical unit. Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including various military special operations units and different federal agencies.


Longer and shorter training programs are offered to private groups of 5 to 30. Please contact us if you have a special training and/or adventure request. Call 800-644-7382.

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