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CAPE TOWN JETS: Hawker Hunter

Hawker Hunter over Cape Town - Single engine two seat (side by side) transonic

Possibly the best transonic fighter and ground-support aircraft of its kind, the classic Hawker Hunter, with clean lines, excellent handling characteristics and a good load carrying capacity, the Hunter was built in greater numbers than any other postwar British aircraft.

Single engine two seat (side by side) transonic advanced combat training aircraft, powered by the non-afterburning Rolls Royce Avon axial flow turbojet developing 7600 lbs. static thrust. First prototypes flying in 1951, it was Britain's first indigenous swept wing fighter to enter service and briefly held the world speed record in 1953. It formed the backbone of the Royal Air Force fighter force from 1954-1961 and remained in front line service until the early seventies, the last examples only being withdrawn in 1995. Nearly two thousand Hunters of all types were built for a number of different air forces, including the Belgian, Chilean, Danish, Dutch, Indian, Swedish and Swiss air forces. The Swiss ultimately purchased 160 Hunters, operating the type from 1958 until December 1994.

Hawker Hunter - First prototypes flying in 1951, it was Britain's first indigenous swept wing fighter to enter service

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Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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