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Cape Town Jets: The Planes

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Latest Photos from Thunder City!
English Electric Lightning Over Cape English Electric Lightning T- 5 This twin-engined all weather interceptor was designed to go very high and very fast, much like Moscow's MiG-25. Capable of Mach2, the Lightning climbs 50,000 feet per minute and features side-by-side seating. It still holds some of the world's climb to altitude records. more info
Fly the Buccaneer over Cape Town South Africa Buccaneer Weighing in at 55,000 pounds, the Buccaneer is a low level strike attack aircraft designed to fly very low and very fast. Powered by two Rolls Royce engines, the Buccaneer features tandem seating and has a top speed of Mach .98. more info
Fly the Hawker Hunter Over Cape Town!

Hawker Hunter This single-engine advanced trainer is highly maneuverable and capable of Mach .92 at sea level. At altitudes ranging from 50 - 20,000 ft., you'll perform loops, rolls, barrel rolls, inverted flight maneuvers and more!
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Strikemaster: Cape Town Jets

Strikemaster The obvious appeal of the Jet Provost as a highly developed and economical trainer prompted BAC to do what Hunting, the company that had originated the design, had lacked the funds to achieve: development of the type into a multi-role tactical aircraft able to fly both pilot training and weapon training sorties, and also, should the occasion demand, go to war in the light attack and tactical reconnaissance roles. more info

Fly the Buccaneer over Cape Town - What a View!

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