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Edge of Space: Cape Town

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No More Thrilling Jet Sorties from Thunder City
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Fly to the Edge of Space Edge of Space Cape Town Fly to the Edge of Space

Fly 60,000 feet high over Cape Town in the legendary English Electric Lightning. The supersonic British fighter climbs toward space with amazing speed. Often compared to the F104 Starfighter that NASA has used to train astronauts for space travel, the Cold War-era Lightning can climb upward at an incredible 50,000 feet per minute.

There are only four flying Lightnings left in the world and they're all in Cape Town, waiting for you.

"The horizon is a pronounced curve of light blue becoming progressively darker until directly above, a circle of black sky appears, and with it, the edge of space." ~ Rupert Smith, Lightning alum

Edge of Space Cape Town: Sample Itinerary

Day One
Arrive Cape Town. Met at airport and escorted to the beautiful Radisson Hotel Waterfront. Evening free to relax or explore the nearby Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

"If you never saw a Lightning come off the end of the runway and immediately go straight up like a #%!# rocket making more noise than was believable, then you have my sympathies. You missed one #%!# of an experience!"
~ Thunder & Lightnings, UK

Day Two
Met at hotel and escorted on a tour of the Cape Peninsula. See penguins, ostriches, baboons and more.

Day Three
Met at hotel and escorted to the Thunder City Flight Training Center, located at Cape Town International Airport. You'll be fitted for your flight suit and helmet and receive a complete safety briefing. Enjoy a supersonic flight to the edge of space in an English Electric Lightning. Celebrate your accomplishment, then return to the hotel.

Day Four
Met at hotel and escorted to your choice of Simon's Town or Gansbaii. Here's your chance to dive with the great white sharks of South Africa. Those who don't want to cage dive can view the action from the deck.

Day Five
Free day. Add additional flights, explore the shops near the hotel or schedule an optional tour to the winelands.

Day Six
Escorted to the airport for departure.

Sample Pricing: $18,750**
**based on one flyer and a non-flying guest

Photos: © Anthony Allen

Fly to the Edge of SpaceFly to the Edge of SpaceFly the legendary English Electric Lightning over Cape Town

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