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Kiwi Road Rally - FAQ

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What is the Kiwi Rally Adventure?
It's a chance to drive specially prepared race cars at high speeds over public roads in New Zealand. Roads are closed to the public by police so there is no restriction on speed. We supply everything you need, including driving instruction, accommodations, meals, crew and cars. All you need is a civil driving license. (If you already have a racing license, this adventure isn't for you.)

The Kiwi Rally Adventure is designed for two people: a driver and navigator. There is a chance to switch roles in some events and a navigator can be provided for you if necessary.

What do I need to supply?
You'll need to get yourself to New Zealand and present your civil driver's license. A great attitude and spirit of adventure is also required.

What is a Rally?
Cars start off from a set venue, normally in the centre of a town. Each car leaves at either 1 minute or 30 second intervals, depending on the event. They then travel to the start of the first racing section following instructions in a route book and obeying all the road rules, including speed limits. There is a time limit on this section of the rally that the cars have to comply with. It is conservative and based on the legal road speeds. (This is for the organisers to keep control of the cars and keep them in order.)

Once cars reach the Control Point, they are given a start time for the Special Stage. They roll up to the starting line, put on helmets and gloves, and strap into the safety harness.

In-car communication is turned on, along with a video camera. Drivers receive a countdown and suddenly they're in racing mode. The cars have all started at between 30 seconds and 1 minute intervals so it is unlikely to be caught or catch the car in front, but it is possible if you drive very well. The section of road that the cars race on can be from 8kms to 50 kms long and can take up to 30 minutes to complete, depending on the number of turns, etc.

At the completion of the Special Stage, the cars travel past a flying finish and the navigator will tell the driver to slow down. They stop at the Finish Control and are given their time for the stage. Later on the drivers can compare times and stories about the stage.

Contestants then drive to the next stage and on the way may meet up with the service vehicle for new tires, fuel and any necessary repairs. This will continue for the duration of the day.

When the car is being serviced the time taken comes out of the time allowance to reach the next special stage and it is the navigator's responsibility to make sure that the race car leaves on time. If they are late to arrive at the next time control they will incur a time penalty. Of course, if there is some damage to be repaired this usually takes priority.

What is the driver's role and what experience is required?
No previous race or rally experience is required. Full theory and practical driving instruction will be provided. Before arriving in New Zealand, study documents will be forwarded to both the driver and navigator.

The driver's role is, first and foremost, to keep the car on the road. Beyond that, the goal is to use the talent and skills learned from our instructors to drive fast and have as much fun as possible.

What is the navigator's role and what experience is required?
No previous experience is required. The license for the driver and navigator is the same and both the driver and navigator will undergo practical race driving.

The navigator's role is to direct the driver to the start of the special stage and direct the driver during the racing. A navigator gives directions at intersections where the car may turn onto another road and cautions the driver about hazards shown in the route book. Samples of these include a one lane bridge, wooden bridge, slippery surface, deceptive corner or tight corner. They are also responsible for making sure that they keep to the allocated time in between the special stages and are not late at check-in.

The Navigator is seated in front of the trip computer. This is not difficult to operate and gives the Navigator the necessary information both when they are racing and traveling to the next special stage.

Are advertising/sponsorship opportunities available on the cars?
There is the opportunity to place company logos and name on the car and on the team clothing. There is an extra charge for this service.

Can I fail the license process?
This is very difficult to do and is unlikely unless you cannot drive at all

Can you supply a Navigator?
Yes! We have experienced Navigators available upon request. You may
prefer that we supply the Navigator since in that case you can be sure you have a Navigator. Our Navigators can also provide driving tips. There is extra charge for this service.

What happens if I damage the car?
There is a possibility the car might be damaged by hitting a fence or something else. Most damage is minor and can be repaired during the event to keep you racing. The cost of repairs from crash damage is the responsibility of the Driver. Before you start your Kiwi Rally Adventure, you'll need to place a damage deposit with Incredible Adventures.

Who is responsible for mechanical damage?
If the mechanical damage is not the result of misuse by the driver or crash damage, then the responsibility for repairs is Motor Racing Adventures. If it is misuse by the driver or through crash damage then it is the responsibility of the Driver to pay for the repairs.

What happens if the car cannot be repaired?
We have spare cars available so the adventure holiday can be completed. If the car cannot be repaired through damage caused by the Driver and the Driver wants to use another car, there is a charge for the use of the second vehicle. If the car cannot continue through no fault of the driver, and the event organizers allow a replacement car to be used, there will be no charge for the use of the replacement car.

Can I bring guests?
Guests and family members are encouraged to come. There are a number of opportunities to drive out through the New Zealand countryside and watch the cars on an intersection or by walking into the start or finish of a stage. When the stages are closed there are officials controlling where people can stand and view the event in safety. We supply a tour guide for spectating.

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