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MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Dig Our New Midwest Location

Drive Big Machines in Florida with the Extreme 
Sandbox team.Incredible Adventures now offers heavy equipment driving in two great locations. Come play in the dirt in Florida or dig for fun inside Minnesota's Extreme Sandbox.

Our new Midwest Hard Hat Adventure is based just 30 minutes from Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport. Spend a full-day learning to operate 31 tons of climate controlled construction and destruction equipment. (That's another way of saying you won't lose your cool or freeze when playing in the extreme sandbox. The bulldozer, excavator and skid steer are all equipped with air-conditioning and heat, allowing for comfortable year-round operation.)

Destroy a Car for Fun - It's a Hard Hat Adventure in MinnesotaOur favorite Minnesota Hard Hat Adventure is a full-day program featuring lots of driving on three powerful earth-moving machines, topped off by a car crush that retails for $1345 + tax. Shorter, less expensive driving adventures are also available.

For more information about our Hard Hat Adventures in Florida and Minnesota, email, or give us a call.

Make an Adventure a Business Expense

Put your logo or movie title on the side of a fighter jet.Who says you shouldn't mix business and pleasure? Definitely not us!  Incredible Adventures can become team building events, corporate retreats, employee incentives and more.

For less than the cost of some newspaper ads, you can shoot a TV commercial in a fighter jet with our Hollywood Top Gun team. You can fly a MiG-29 over Russia, then pose for photos in front of a jet branded with your company logo. You can even sponsor an incredible adventure, like one of Steiger's incredible first-ever balloon crossings.

We're good at making incredible things happen. Contact us if you'd like to mix things up a bit.

Got Trip Insurance?

Did you know you can buy Adventure Travel Protection from Incredible Adventures and Travel Guard even if you aren't heading off on one of our adventures? We're licensed by the State of Florida to sell adventure travel insurance to residents of the US, whether they're headed to Russia to fly a MiG or to Disney to ride the roller coasters.

The Adventure Travel Plan covers many activities traditional travel insurance doesn't. Follow the link on our website to obtain a free quote.

Making it Easier for You to Ask Us Anything

Contact Incredible Adventures by phone, email or chat.Some companies will do anything to avoid having to communicate directly with customers. We aren't one of them. We want to hear from you. We like having the opportunity to talk about our adventures and answer questions. We get bored just talking to each other :)

You can call us on one of our three phone lines. You can send us an email, fax us, or write us a letter. You can chat with us on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) or contact us via SKYPE or Facebook.

And soon, you'll be able to "talk" to us by clicking on a new "Live Chat" button on select pages of our website. The new feature should be up and running any day now.

Sample Questions You Might Ask Us

Do I need to be a pilot to fly a MiG over Russia? No.

Am I too old for an adventure? Doubtful. We've had customers in their 80's.

Can I fly a MiG next month? Sorry, but no. A minimum of 60 days is required to obtain the necessary security clearance.

Do I get my money back if I don't see a shark?  Sorry, but no.  We can't afford to give refunds. We still have to pay for the boat, dive crew, food and supplies even if no sharks are spotted. Trust us when we say we do everything in our power to help you see sharks. We want happy customers.

Can I bring my teenager with me? Maybe. The majority of our adventures are designed for adults, but some programs are fine for those 13 and older. (Some of our incredible adventures are good for teenagers.Teen-friendly programs are marked with yellow stars on our website.)  If you're looking for something fun to do with younger children, let us know. We're good at putting together custom adventures.

Dive Tiger Beach this August with Sharky Jillian

Dive Tiger BeachSpend an incredible August day at Tiger Beach with Sharky Jill. No experience is necessary to cage dive with big sharks in the warm, blue water of the Bahamas.

Our Tiger Shark Adventures take place off the West End of Grand Bahama Island. Our shark boat departs from Old Bahama Bay Marina, which is roughly a 40 minute cab ride from Freeport.

Dive Tiger BeachThis may be the last opportunity to shark dive with Jill for awhile. She's heading off on another extended video shoot soon. (Don't worry, the shark dives will continue in her absence under the watchful eye of another great dive instructor.)

For complete August dive information, call or email us today.

P.S. Join us in congratulating Jillian's new husband (and IA part-time shark dive team member) Duncan Brake and the rest of the Whale Wars Season 4 Cinematography team on their TV Emmy nomination

We're on Facebook

Incredible Adventures Inc is on Facebook. Please Like UsWe post photos, videos and new adventure details to our company Facebook page before we post them anywhere else. "Like us" to get your adventure news at supersonic speed.


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Skydive Everest - While You Can

Skydive Everest in 2012This could be the last year for our Everest Skydive, so if Skydiving Everest is on your bucket list, you really should reserve your parachute now. Everest Skydive 2012 is set for late October/early November.

According to Chief Tandem Master Tom Noonan, the Everest Skydive Team must obtain a permit from Nepal's government to operate the incredible high-altitude jumps. Permits are only good for one year.

There's no Skydive Nepal - Jump Everest with Incredible Adventures and 
Explore Himalayareason to think they won't get another permit next year, but there's also no guarantee they will. Government officials and policies can change like the weather.

Both tandem and solo jumps are offered, so no skydiving experience is necessary to make one of the most incredible high-altitude jumps ever.

The cost to make a tandem jump is $35,000. Advanced skydivers can jump solo for $25,000. The price includes expert training, use of jump equipment, trekking, lodging and most meals. To find out more about this year's Everest Skydive, visit our website or send us an email.

Rock 'N Roll at the MGM Grand

Gene Simmons from the legendary band KISS to appear at October Rock 'n 
Roll Fantasy Camp.Jam with legendary rock stars, including Gene Simmons, KISS front man and reality show star, at the next Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp. Write and record an original song. Learn from renowned musicians. The extreme musical event takes place October 10-14 in Las Vegas at the famous MGM Grand Hotel and all experience levels are welcome. Packages that include luxury hotel accommodations and most meals range in price from $6999 to $11,499 if you book by August 15th. For more information, give us a call at 800-644-7382 or send us an email.

Park Your Car & Take a Boat

Dive with Sharks in San FranciscoAccording to the website Wikipedia, September 22 is "World Car Free Day", a day designed to convince motorists to give up their car for a day.

September 22 is also the opening day of this year's great white shark viewing season in San Francisco.

So, make plans now to park your car at Fisherman's Wharf for the day and take a boat to the Farallon Islands, the cold-water playground of some of the world's biggest great white sharks.

Our 2012 white shark dive season runs weekends from September 22 through November 18. Cage dive for $875 or view sharks topside for $375.

No dive experience is necessary to get into our shark cage. You'll be accompanied offshore by a highly experienced shark team, including a certified dive instructor and Sanctuary-trained naturalist. If you can snorkel, you can shark dive, thanks to our floating surface cage and hookah-style air system.

Dates sell out fast, so call or email today to reserve your great white shark adventure.

More Money, More Time, More Sharks

If you really want to see sharks and have the time, money, and desire to live on a boat, join our friends aboard the Nautilus Explorer for a six-day shark adventure in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. Although we can't guarantee you'll see sharks on any of our trips, there's never been a Guadalupe trip yet when multiple white sharks weren't seen. Trips begin and end in San Diego, California. Pricing starts at $2950 and we're already taking reservations for the 2013 season. For complete details, visit our website or give us a call.

Train with a Machine Named Garret

with Garret Machine at Covert Ops in December 2012Our next Covert Ops Counter Terrorism Adventure in Miami is set for December 6th-9th. Spend an intense four days training with former Israeli Special Forces operative Garret Machine. The instruction is hard core, but the mission is fun.

The cost of the four-day adventure is $3995 a person and includes expert training, use of equipment, lodging and most meals.

Join Garret and the rest of his training team in Florida this December and you're likely to be training alongside several lawyers. We aren't sure why, but we've had far more lawyers complete our Covert Ops Counter Terror adventure than any other profession.

For more information, call 800-644-7382 or send us an email.

Watch one of Garret's online training videos here.

800-644-7382  ~  941-346-2603

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