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MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Do You Want an Incredible Adventure or a Cheap Adventure?

Fly a MiG in 
Russia with Incredible AdventuresWe've never tried to be cheap. If that were the case, we'd be Cheap Adventures and not Incredible Adventures. Our goal has always been to offer the Rolls Royce of adventures, packaging first-class excitement with first-class comfort and service.

That doesn't mean we can't provide you with cheaper, if that's what you really want. You just shouldn't skimp on a dream unless you really must.

Our standard five-day, four-night MiG adventure includes all the extra touches we'd want, if we were heading to Russia for the first time.  Our Right Stuff package includes luxury hotel accommodations in both Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.  The Metropol Hotel is directly across from Red Square, but cheaper options are available if location isn't important to you.

We reserve a private car on the train with a locking door, so you have extra privacy, comfort and security. If you're an experienced traveler and would prefer a cheap seat for the 4 1/2 hour ride, just tell us.  The point here is that we're flexible. We're organizing YOUR dream, not ours. 

We include several meals and provide you with a pre-paid Russian cell phone to use during your stay to make it easier to keep in touch with our guides and drivers.  We also include photos and edited video in each of our MiG packages.  Our prices would look cheaper if we didn't, but who doesn't want to eat, be able to make a phone call, and have video proof they've flown a MiG over Russia?

New Shark Adventure in Development

Want to help test a brand new shark adventure?  We're now working with the Captain of an incredible boat to put together an overnight Gulf of Mexico shark adventure near New Orleans.  Captain Al promises to deliver sharks, sharks and more sharks on the first-ever Big Easy Shark Safari, scheduled for August 25th & 26th. Contact us if you're interested.

Lottery Spot Features L-39

Shoot a video in a fighter jet with Incredible Adventures and Mach One.A new commercial for the Washington State Lottery was filmed in one of our Hollywood Top Gun fighter jets. You can view it on our website's Featured Videos page. If you'd like to star in your own top gun movie or shoot your own commercial in a fighter jet, give us a call or send us an email.

Did You See Nik?

Sarasota's own Nik Wallenda made history on June 15 when he became the first person ever to walk a tightrope stretched directly over Niagara Falls. We salute his determination and adventurous spirit. Nik is known for the extreme planning and training he does to prepare for each new aerial stunt.

To train for a daring performance on the "Wheel of Death", Nik Wallenda completed a personal zero-gravity flight. Nik's zero-g training with our partners at Aurora Aerospace was featured on the Science Channel show "Nik Wallenda: Beyond Niagara".

You don't have to be part of a famous Sarasota circus family to experience the excitement of zero-gravity. Virtually anyone in reasonably good health can schedule a personal zero-g flight with Incredible Adventures and Aurora Aerospace.  Flights are $2500 per person and depart from St Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport. For more information, call, email or visit our website.

Balloon Across the Everglades This October with IA's Steiger

Balloon Over the Florida Everglades with Steiger 
and Incredible AdventuresOur high-flying, world-traveling balloon pilot Steiger is hard at work planning another daring crossing. This October, he'll be heading down to our neck of the woods to make a series of one-of-a-kind adventure flights over the Florida Everglades.

Make a 
Hot Air Balloon Crossing with SteigerYou can be part of the excitement. To learn how you can fly across Florida's famous swampland with Steiger, give us a call or send us an email.

(Steiger recently completed a photo shoot for a major clothing designer. If you need a balloon, fighter jet, biplane, sub or something similarly incredible for your photography or video project, let us know. We have connections!)

Fight It Out In the Air Adventures offers air combat adventures in a variety of planes and places. No flying experience is necessary.  If you're looking for a great gift for someone special or a propeller-driven team building event for your company, contact us.

We're Still on Facebook

Incredible Adventures Inc is on Facebook. Please Like UsIf you don't already "like" us, but would like to, you can find our company page here. Visit our Facebook page to see the latest HALO Skydiving photos and more.

Unexpected Things Happen

Travel Insurance from Incredible AdventuresWe don't want to scare you, but...

You could trip over the dog and break your arm the week you're scheduled to Skydive Everest. You could get a summons to report for jury duty the same day you're supposed to be starting Rock Camp. The guy at the airport could put your bag on a plane to Moscow, Idaho instead of Moscow, Russia. Small craft warnings could force the cancellation of your shark dive.

In 18+ years of business, we've seen a variety of things happen to mess up the best planned adventure.  That's why we have always strongly recommended the purchase of travel insurance. A sting from a wasp in an airplane hangar was all it took to send one jet flyer to a hospital emergency room.

We're happy to say we're now licensed by the State of Florida to sell a special Adventure Travel Protection Plan from Travel Guard.

The Adventure Travel Plan covers activities most traditional travel insurance policies exclude. For a free quote and detailed description of coverage available where you live, visit the Travel Guard website or give us a call.

She's Going Adventure Testing

She's usually sitting at her desk, responding to your questions about shark diving and air combat missions, but in July, Sheri will be heading off to a top-secret location to test a top-secret adventure. To be the first to know about new adventure offerings, keep reading these newsletters or follow Incredible Adventures on Facebook.

Time is Everything

If you don't plan ahead, you can't fly a MiG in Russia.  Obtaining the mandatory security Fly a MiG in Russia 60 Days from Nowclearance takes a minimum of 60 days.  We know we've told our readers this before, but we still get call after call from people asking us to arrange a MiG flight faster. It hurts us to have to say "no".

Russian rules are Russian rules. Unless you hold a valid Russian passport, you must wait the required 60 days to fly.

The wait is definitely worth it. If you don't believe us, ask to speak to one of our past clients. We're always happy to provide references.

Dates to Remember

Next Covert Ops: August 10-13

Next Bahamas Shark Dive: August 25

Great White Shark Season in San Francisco is Sept 22 - Nov 18

Rock 'N Roll Camp with Gene Simmons and other music greats at the MGM Grand in Vegas is October 10-14

Skydive Everest Happens in October - This could be the last year for this incredible adventure due to permitting issues, so don't miss your chance.

If you want to Drive a Tank or make a High Altitude Skydive near Memphis, you need to do it before October.

Hard Hat Adventures are available in Florida all year long.

Dive with Sharks

800-644-7382  ~  941-346-2603

Incredible Adventures

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