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Strikemasters Over Sydney: Testimonials

Strikemasters Over Sydney

"I would like to thank you for an amazing day at the Fighter Flight Centre last month.

Right from the start the staff did an outstanding job of making me feel part of the team, while ensuring that the safety elements were covered and understood.

I would like to commend Nick and the team on the professionalism displayed on the day. I felt at ease from the second I arrived to the second I landed.

I can honestly say that it was the most exhilarating experience of my life and can't wait to do it again!

You just haven't lived until you've been upside down in a fighter jet!"

Lawrence Hedges
Regional Vice President
Computer Associates

Strikemasters Over Sydney: Testimonials

"Thank you to all at the Australian Fighter Flight Centre, Bankstown Airport, the experience was unbelievable and scenery at 500ft exhilarating…without a doubt the best way to experience and understand the element of speed and freedom."

Wayne Merrett
National Business Manager
Imperial Tobacco Australia Ltd

"The only way to fly!"

Robyn Donlan

"You haven’t seen the world until you have seen it upside down in a jet fighter at over 650km an hour."

Andrew Wiggins

Strikemasters Over Sydney: Testimonials


"The thought of flying low, at speed, in a jet fighter, is quite possibly every young mans dream. Dream fulfilled. This was absolutely sensational. Pulling 4 and 1/2 G's in a vertical climb and feeling everyone of them was magnificent. The flight was an unbelievable rush of adrenalin and non stop action all the way. One very memorable experience and highly recommended to anyone who feels the need for speed."

Brendan Dart

"It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. …SENSATIONAL!!!!!! It is definately something I would do again. The thrill was amazing. Very fun… ..MUST DO IT!!!!!!!"

Lamia Namnoun

"When I was given the flight as a present for my 57th birthday, I was somewhat apprehensive. Whilst I have done a lot of passenger miles in all sorts of aircraft, never have I been in a two seater jet capable of such aerobatics and manoeuvres. However my anxiety was soon put to rest by the professionalism of Nick Costin through the briefing and the general induction process. The actual flight was exhilarating to say the least. The G forces inherent in the manoeuvres are easily handled and the whole ride is over too soon. The pace of the flight is measured and controlled and I had no worries in accepting any of the thrills the pilot wished to try. Congratulations to all involved and you deserve every success that might come your way. Good luck with the venture."

Kindest regards,
John Skillecorn

"It was sensational. I had no idea what to expect and it was beyond all my expectations. I would certainly jump at the opportunity to do it all again and recommend to any one to give it a go."


Irene Hrup

"Words really cannot describe this experience-but I'll try: Hanging upside down 4,000ft in the air, with nothing between you and the ground below, except the canopy of a jet fighter is AWESOME. This is a fantastic opportunity to feel what it is like to be a jet fighter without having to worry about who is gunning you down! Without doubt the most amazing, thrilling and fun thing I have ever done. You just have to do it!"

Michelle Flynn

"One of the best experiences I've ever had, thrilling and exciting. Thanks for the opportunity."

Catherine Mulley

"Must do it..."

Sally Adam

"Great opportunity given to be able to fly in a fighter jet at 700km and for the 1st time to feel G force of 3&4 on a steady incline from 500 to 7000 feet..............UNREAL & does not stop there, the most amazing experience is floating upside down at high speed looking at earth. An experience that has to be achieved at least once in your life or two............A MUST DO!!!!!!!!! , thanks guys for an excellent day, planing on the next one."

Steven Katsetas

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