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RocketShip Adventures: XCOR Lynx Overview
We've Got Space - Suborbital Space Flights

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Get ready for your personal journey to the Edge of Space in the Lynx Rocket. Imagine seeing the majestic black sky above and earthís blue curvature below.

This is your chance to be among the first pioneering space adventurers in the world. We have partnered with Rocket Ship Tours and XCOR Aerospace who have developed a comprehensive program that emphasizes luxury, quality, adventure and confidence. Supported by world-class facilities and experts in the fields of Rocket Science, Spacesuit Technology, Aerospace Medicine, and Adventure Travel, Lynx is your ticket for an incredible journey into history.

About the Lynx Suborbital Space Vehicle

Incredible Adventures introduces you to the Lynx, XCOR Aerospace's entry into the suborbital space transportation market. As XCOR's third generation of rocket-powered vehicles, Lynx is a revolutionary vehicle using non-toxic propellants: kerosene and liquid oxygen. After thousands of test-firings, XCOR's engines have proven themselves to be durable, long lasting and among the safest in the industry.


August 23, 2012 - XCOR Aerospace to Establish Operations and Manufacturing Base in Florida

May 3, 2012 - XCOR Aerospace Hits Route 66 with Experimental Motorcycle - Street bike used as platform to test propulsion parts for Lynx Suborbital Vehicle

Lynx incorporates many safety features. The liquid propellant rocket engines can be shut off in an emergency, or restarted, if necessary. In the event of an emergency, it can land just like an airplane. Like commercial jet transports, Lynx covers its engines with containment rings to protect the vehicle and crew. Most rockets do not use this sort of safety system. Finally, the simplicity of the Lynx's design provides additional safety margins because fewer things can go wrong.

The canopy of the Lynx provides a majestic view of Earth and inky blackness of space. Sitting in the co-pilot's seat beside the astronaut-pilot, you gaze upward, forward, and on either side. The Lynx provides you with an intimate and immediate experience of going where so few have gone before - the edge of space on a suborbital space vehicle.

Civilian Space Flight Training: Donít Leave Earth Without It
Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the
25th Annual International Space Development Conference
Los Angeles, CA, May 4-7, 2006
Space Tourism: From Lofty Dreams to Commercial Reality
Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the
Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 7 June 2006

The Wright Stuff by
Derek Webber Our friend Derek Webber from Spaceport Associates has published a new book, available on Amazon. "The Wright Stuff: The Century of Effort Behind Your Ticket to Space", is a great gift for anyone who dreams of a trip to space. 

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