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Making Dreams Come True for 23 Incredible Years

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Why We're Incredible

Making Dream Come True Since 1993

Incredible Adventures is a trusted brandTo help you feel confident buying an adventure with us, we want you to know some of the many reasons you can trust Incredible Adventures with your dreams:

Sarasota Offices of Incredible Adventures Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Member View of the Gulf of Mexico from IA Offices

  • We work out of a real office, in a real office building, with a real (tiny) view of the Gulf of Mexico. We also have ugly desks, icky carpet and the whole place could use an extreme makeover. You don't have to worry that the money you send to us is going to buy a fancy leather couch for our lobby. (We don't have one.)

  • We have real office hours. We're at our desks from 8:30 am to 5 pm EST, waiting for you to call us...even on those great Florida days when we'd rather be at the beach. ( we've been known to close for a major holiday or two off. Real companies tend to do that.)

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. You may not know this but getting approved to accept credit cards for high-ticket items is really, really hard. We had to pass all sorts of credit checks and sign away our first born children. Most importantly, we don't make you pay us more if you want to use a credit card. No matter how you pay us, the price is the same. You can also pay us by personal or company check, money order, wire transfer or with a suitcase full of cash.

  • We don't just tell you we've had lots of customers, we show them to you. Our website is filled with photos of smiling Incredible Adventures customers flying Russian jets, training for space voyages or skydiving.

  • We aren't insulted if you ask for references. We'll happily provide some. We want you to be confident you can trust us. Our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you have a great time. Arrive in Moscow in December without your winter gloves and Lena will take you shopping.

  • Our customers just keep coming back. Our current record-holder is a New York guy who's flown with us 13 times.

  • Our staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you have a great time. Break your glasses in Cape Town and our guy Nic will get them fixed in a hurry. Arrive in Moscow in December without your winter gloves and Galina will take you shopping. Want your girlfriend to find six dozen roses waiting in her room at the Ritz? We'll make it happen…even if we'd rather see you spend the money on another adventure.

  • We're proud of our company history. We think it shows we've been around long enough to earn your trust. We've gotten lots of media coverage over the years and we're happy to share that with you too. Our Adventure Team of extreme adventure experts is second to none.

Cape Town: Time for Refreshments
We'll drink a
cold one with you
Galina in Moscow: Rain or Shine!
We'll stand in the
rain for you
Take home the memories
Sometimes we'll
give you goodies

Look Before You Leap or Trust But Verify

4 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Dream Adventure

It's always good to be careful when shopping online. Here are questions you should ask:

1. Do you take credit cards?
If not, you really need to ask "Why not?"

2. What is your actual office address?
A Post Office Box is just a place to get mail. It won't be of any use if you don't get your adventure and need to hunt down the guy who took your money.

3. What is your Tax ID number and in which state are you registered?
A Tax Identification number is the business equivalent of a Social Security number. All real businesses have them. It's how a business files a tax return. If you're asked to pay an individual, be afraid. Be very afraid.

4. Can you provide me with AT LEAST THREE references?
Ask to speak to someone from your state or country or someone with the same profession or flying experience. Otherwise, for all you know, you're talking to the guy's cousins.

For many, booking an adventure will fulfill a once-in-a-lifetime dream. We hate to see your dream become a nightmare. We encourage you to do your homework. Do you know who you're dealing with? Have you run that Google search? (You never know what you'll find. The guy listed as a contact for that fancy website may be a famous Russian computer criminal.) Always take the time to find out who you're putting your trust in to make you happy.

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To speak to any of us, call 800-644-7382

To request information, CLICK HERE

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